The Spread of Practical Sense? Probably not.

The Spread of Practical Sense? Probably not.


For some decades now I’ve wondered what would it take for the contemporary human-animal, on a general population level, to free itself from its more destructive behaviors?

What would it take for humans to put capitalism in its place, rather than capitalism keeping most humans in such a state which generates benefit for a relatively few humans?

What would it take for humans to give regard, respect and care to our Earth, this planet from which humans demand everything, not just for humans’ survival but also all manner of comfort?

It seems to me an obvious practicality to take care of that which is expected to provide so many resources. But such practicality got pushed aside, and especially so when the Industrial Age took a firm hold.

This matter of economy was originally intended, I believe, as an instrument of peace. That establishing a market for needed products and services should prevent outbreaks of violence for same. The system of economics seems often to fail in this objective, so perhaps there was some other intent in the thing.

But with the pressure of capitalism, things became screwed up. With greed at the helm of the system, it was no longer sufficient to purchase only what was needed on a practical level. It became an insisted necessity to buy the latest, almost entirely impractical things.

Culturally conditioned perceived essentials like the latest clothing fashion, the newest automobiles and those absolute must-haves of the latest technologies. The market for decorations and nick-knacks became so huge, it was its own economic force. The whole notion of a ‘man’s house is his castle,’ gave rise to entire developments of stupidly large homes so expensive that the ‘owners’ were seldom at their homes to even enjoy it. Closed systems of conditioned responses driven by economics.

All this consumption with barely a passing thought to our Earth and all the Animal-Kin with whom we share this amazing, beautiful 03012020 fnd img wild horse running at beach

Breaking free of those economic shackles on any kind of needed larger scale which would benefit our Earth and then by extension our own survival, would not be something so simple as doing the right and smart things for and with our Earth. Those few humans that benefit the most from the artificial pressure system of capitalism would not permit loss to their parasitically made wealth.

When I was a young child I invented a fictitious civilization. This civilization had virtually no focus on economy; there was simply no need for it. Different occupations were designed to be supportive of the whole, and the system provided for essential goods and services for all. If one wished something beyond essentials, one certainly could pursue it. Back then I had no understanding of such systems called socialism or communism, both of which receive from the average human knee-jerk angered reaction and quick dismissal of such ‘nonsense.’ Back then I only knew that the ways in which humans did conduct themselves were harmful, both to themselves and their Earth.

It seems that contemporary humans do not even know how to conduct themselves free of all that economic conditioning. The conditioning so ingrained into their minds, they appear hardly able to conjure up any thoughts of activities that don’t require money.

So what would have to happen in order for the destructive byproducts of capitalism to finally be brought under some level of practical control?

Today, just now, I see what I thought the answer probably would work out to be. I’m finally seeing, for example, humans not flocking to the latest crowd entertainment, with all those individual vehicles not choking the roads and the air. Humans are finally staying home! Amazing.

Of course the cause of this behavior is sad, frightening and probably short-lived with no long-term beneficial change by humans for our Earth, our Animal-Kin, ourselves.

Then again… maybe practical sense will finally emerge as a greater priority?


Continuing to send good thoughts for our Nation, our Animal-Kin, our Earth…

‘Cap’n’ Toni….

tf fnd img 11242018 abandoned tall sail ship nature reclaiming

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