Welcome to the Developing CUSR? Enjoy your stay?

Uhm, welcome to the developing CUSR (Communist United States of Russia)?  Enjoy your stay?   -shudder!-

Hi All,

Geez. I know, many folks, and I am of basically the same position, really want to ignore all the stuff happening on the Hill.

I feel badly for folks like Maddow and O’Donnell and everyone else who has to keep watching this disaster unfolding every day, essentially helpless to do anything really about it, in terms of saving our Nation and all what our Nation holds dear.  They hold on with fierce grips of faith and service to the greater good, and keep on reporting until the censors come take their voices away.

For lots of folks though (myself included) there’s that near desperate want to not pay attention anymore. Feeling even more particularly affected by the recent failure to rid our Nation of #45.  A feeling of illness and want to no longer realize the frightening things happening to our Nation. To close our eyes and make believe it was just some nightmare brought on by watching too much science fiction.

And, to me, it makes sense to a point. Why give what little time, energy and attention we have to something we feel we can do nothing about, right?

So instead, go back to being self-made, helpless sheeple muddling ignorantly (don’t they say ignorance is bliss?) through life one shackled foot at a time, be aware of whatever dangerous radars may be out there and stay hidden off those radars as best possible, as if one’s life depended upon it because it probably does.

Because there doesn’t appear to be anything else to do, because of that large sense of helplessness and powerlessness, just make believe the crisis of our Nation isn’t so bad, right?

Obviously all that is exactly what #45 very much needs: dumb, self-made helpless and ignorant sheeple. The only Warriors (e.g., fighters and defenders of our Nation, our Constitution, our Earth) #45 wants are those that bring meat only to #45. And those Warriors are conditioned to understand that starving to death in this process is an honorable act of martyrdom for their beloved Furor.

Sheeple are easy to control, easy to push this way and that, and ultimately very easy to slaughter; they never fight back. That non-action disposition of sheeple is depended upon.

So, yeah, censorship of health professionals’ information to our Nation respective to specific dangers to health, is pretty bad.

It isn’t conspiracy theory when the facts are inescapably right in one’s face.

tf 02282020 fnd img vessel on fireAnd, yeah, for the “supporters” it’s going to be realized how bad the situation actually is only when either they themselves or someone in their Family are affected. If a disease affects others than themselves and their specific group of humans, “supporters” typically don’t much care.

If censorship brings back what they fantasize are the “good ol’ days,” well all better.

In those fantasized good old days there were:

.. ..no rights to women aside of service to some male and being birthing machines,

.. ..LGBTQi was illegal (my Half-Brother was one victim of those times),

.. ..Freedom of Religion only granted to specific, government-approved religions,

.. ..African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans were strictly kept in poverty and all routes of escape from poverty were cut off. And the blights of poverty kept carefully hidden away from the view of the public.

There’s a whole lot more negative bits to those ‘good ol’ days’ that We The People have worked and continue to work very hard to overcome.

There are two obvious things about government-level censorship to note.

One, admittedly our government has committed acts of censorship and obfuscation of information many times over the course of the history of our Nation. This is hardly the first time information has been worked to be kept out of public awareness. Generally it’s been done with the assertion that censorship is ‘what is in the best interest of the Nation’ at the time.

Unfortunately, when one has a dysfunctional, absolutely self-serving, wanna-be dictator at the helm, that concept of what may be in the best interest of the Nation will and has become warped and twisted back to serve the dictator.

Two, one act of censorship, depending on the individual at the helm, can and often does lead to more and more acts of censorship.

But, those warnings are probably just going to be dismissed and certainly by “supporters.” And worse, the actions would be or are already justified by “supporters” as correct.

Actually, “supporters” might cheer when Freedom of Information is squashed if that means news media like MSNBC and others are figuratively killed in the process, if voices on Twitter, FB and elsewhere which aren’t strictly inline with those “supporters” and their Furor are silenced as well (maybe through jail or death, though all the public will see is that those folks mysteriously disappeared), that all that’s left on YouTube are SpongeBob (sorry SpongeBob) cartoons, where the only things one can do on the internet is buy products, and pay one’s bills and taxes (maybe science won’t be too badly restricted, but then again…).

tf 09242018 fnd img tall ship fogMaybe I write these notes so long because I have a sense of helplessness and pointlessness haunting me, too. That because I can do nothing else, at least I can write it out even if it does absolutely no good.


Well, hey, maybe I’m wrong, eh? Maybe our Nation isn’t in such a bad situation after all? Maybe our Nation is not crumbling and being morphed into communism?

Good luck out there, All.

Continuing to send good thoughts for our Nation, our Animal-Kin, our Earth…

“Cap’n” Toni with my Lady Coco, Maya and Carly, and All the Animal-Kids of the lil Haus….

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