That here in the United States, Justice was the strongest in all the world.

That here in the United States, Justice was the strongest in all the world.


So this week I have pointedly been avoiding any news. I knew already that #45 would be even more emboldened, would gloat, would exact harm and con others into believing #45’s conduct was okay.

But today, on the urging of a friend, I watched the MSNBC Maddow show from last night (02/12/20).

Earlier today, having not yet watched last night’s program, I found myself again feeling thankful that my Mother and Grandmother (may they rest in peace and Bless their Spirits) were not alive to see what is happening to our Nation.

I found myself recalling again the accounts I had been told as a child in terms of what happened in Germany, told to me by my Mother and held in haunted silence by my Grandmother, both survivors of World War II in Germany (specifically Chemnitz, Germany).

Let me say this, it is not just one or another group of humans that suffers when a government goes sour, destroying its rules of laws and democracy (if such even exists), when chaos takes over and war finally descends. Everyone suffers. Everyone.

My Mother’s side of the family were at one time all Catholic. They converted to Lutheran because persecution was coming down from high in the government against Catholics.

As a side note, though my Mother’s side of the family were not Jewish themselves, they were sensitive to the terrible treatments upon the Jews. They, along with many others, did what they could to help get the Jews out of harm’s way, out of then Germany.

I know that many people today hearing of all the terrible events happening in our Nation’s White House will probably just scoff and shrug it all off as some kind of melodrama. That certainly such events won’t directly affect the people all the way down here at the other end of the government.

Many did the same thing in Germany. The exact same thing. Many shrugged it off, called it a bunch of unreal, dramatic nonsense, and continued on with their days.

Only those paying very close and careful attention to the machinations of the government knew something very wrong was bubbling up out of the depths of a twisted mind. But one mind alone cannot destroy a Nation.

Hitler, like #45, could do nothing, could be nothing, without the aid and support of those fallen into the trance of support and obedience to a dictator they believed would save them in the end. That those supporters would of course be spared any of the harms the dictator desired, intended and might do to the people. That actually with their loyalty, they would instead be richly rewarded.

Those supporters were wrong, and they realized it far too late.

I am and have no interest in being any level of political-science scholar. I am just a simple person holding on to the accounts passed down to me by my Mother and Grandmother. Accounts of how a once strong industrial city was bombed into near complete destruction.

Accounts of how a few miles away Dresden was utterly destroyed by a double-approach bombing. First, thousands of ground-level bombs, then another thousands of incendiary bombs exploded just above the buildings, effectively destroying all the oxygen. Most asphyxiated to death.

Dresden was a hospital and university town, and utterly unarmed. Dresden was already overwhelmed with wounded and dying people. The numbers of patients were beyond the capacities of the hospitals, so they set up “wards” outside near and along the river.

Dresden was picked specifically because it was unarmed, because it was a hospital town. The point of targeting Dresden was to demoralize the Germans. It worked.

The destruction was so complete, the children from Chemnitz, my Mother being one among them, were brought over on barely functioning railroad tracks, to help “bury” the dead. Only sub-adults and old people were left in Chemnitz at that time, and the old people were considered pointless for such work. So the gruesome task to come fell upon the young.

One young boy aboard that train was so terrified this was another death train, he was screaming and bawling. My Mother, being the very self-disciplined and practical person she was, had no tolerance for such out-of-control hysterics. She slapped the young man, who was actually a bit older and bigger than herself. He quieted down.

I put bury in quotes because in fact there was no way to bury anyone, let alone thousands of people. So instead they built huge funeral pyres whereupon were placed all the dead. The pyres burned for over two weeks. To my Mother’s last day in this realm, the smell of barbecues made her profoundly nauseous.

Before all the horrors though, was support of people in government to a horrible human, a human very damaged in the mind. A human who not only demanded absolute loyalty and subservience of everyone around themselves, but believed completely that there was only one law, his.

To him, all the courts and justice systems were to be rendered into dust, if those did not serve him well personally. Anything that did not serve him or that he might consider as unhelpful to him personally, he had destroyed. Then he would link all those whom he perceived as similar to those unhelpful to him and had those people destroyed as well.

In the very beginning of it all, people scoffed at this idiotic man who had wild visions for a Nation he boasted that he himself personally would build. Most people did not believe his rants and ravings.

But some did believe and worse they believed in him. People in positions of power, with self-serving and hateful plans allied themselves to this man. They believed together they would create an unstoppable force that would rule the entire world.

And that almost happened.

After the war, the United States was seen not only as a place of freedom, which to many World War II survivors actually didn’t mean all that very much at the particular moments of their setting their feet upon the shores of our Nation.

The United States was seen as a place of law and of protections afforded by those laws. The United States was seen as the last place to which to run, to escape persecution against persons based on their religion or ethnicity. That here in the United States, Justice was the strongest in all the world. Justice was strongest here, only here. That is what they believed and trusted.

In our day to day lives, most of us do not endure chaos and lawlessness. Many in our Nation, who have known no other Nation, have little or no idea what it is like to survive lawlessness. We count on what we believe to be fact, that no one is above the law, no one.

But, that is not the way it is today.

There is tragically one, one who intends harm upon others, who demands loyalty, subservience, even martyrdom for that one, who exacts revenge on others who obey our laws when that obedience to law does not favorably serve the one, who does not believe in democracy or anything which does not specifically and absolutely favorably serve themselves.

That one has been deemed by our Nation’s government as above any and all law. This tragic allowance has now opened the way for that one to begin the warping and destruction of our Nation’s Justice system. That tragic allowance will be the way for that one to (or at the very least attempt to) destroy our election process, our Democracy.

The reverberations of the actions of that one individual have not reached our day to day lives, yet.

Then again, the United States has always been a tricky place.

If one is a refugee, having witnessed and withstood so many tragedies that tears are no longer able to be produced, setting tired eyes upon our Statue of Liberty, for a moment one might wonder are all the stories true? Is this place really a place of safety, freedom, liberty and justice for all?

Or is and was our Statue of Liberty and the United States the same – admired art, only a lofty dream of good intentions, where it is only the fragile agreements of society that keep harm at bay?


Continuing to send good thoughts and prayers for our Nation, our Animal-Kin, our Earth…

Cap’n Toni….

tf fnd img 02132020 immigrants and the statue of liberty

David Bowie/Pat Metheny – This Is Not America

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  1. Jennifer Tomlinson says:

    You have hit the nail directly on its disturbing head. Thank you for sharing the wisdom of your mother and grandmother.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you as well, Jennifer, for sharing your time and energy in reading my rambling writing and more for sharing your thoughts in return. Bless your good heart.
      Cap’n Toni…


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