Australia’s Tragic Fires Recall Mars

Hi All,

Just some thoughts.

When I contemplate the current Environmental crises underway on our Earth, when I see the footages from Australia’s horrible fires, my mind recalls images of Mars.

image from NASA.govConceptual image of Martian climate change


tf 01112020 bushfire smoke filled skies over new zealand

Image result for australia smoke skies

In some ways, with regards to our Earth, humans’ window to act is about 30 to 40 years late.

When I view the videos of Australia’s fires, I can see where back-burns would have done little to nothing against wind-driven flames 40 to 50 feet high on a landscape that had suffered drought and intense heat for years.

Those few of you that know me will have heard me ramble about this to where you’re probably sick of hearing it. And may tune out entirely right about now.

I’ve been preaching basically desperately for different ways to do our commerce and our daily lives for decades now. As much as I deeply dislike being redundant, until things change I must keep repeating this, regardless that the words are unlikely to do any actual good.

We have all the technology we need and could at this point certainly easily do actions such as telework (stop effing regarding working from home as a “perk” and make it a priority already!).

We could get more or most cars off the roads. We could leverage all our various technologies to if not help save our Earth, at the very least lessen a little bit our collective negative impacts on our Earth.

Because our continual giving in and accepting that economics is what determines life (ask any house-less human out there on the veracity of this), we could create many new jobs more gentle and positive for our Earth.

Our Earth is what we absolutely rely upon for our Survival, not even taking into this point all the Animal-Kin.

It makes no sense to not take care of our Earth.

Every day when I travel to and from the Mountain (aka work), I pray to whatever Power will make it happen, to drive humans fiercely to preserve and protect what Natural Lands there are, and by extension the Animal-Kin and our own species.

And with each next unnecessary building development I see, each next careless destruction of Nature, my heart breaks and my hopes begin to fall.

Cynical, hurting thoughts return to me that the humans, as a species, will do nothing to preserve and protect their Earth.

Looking at the larger population of human-animals, they appear hopelessly stuck within destructive systems of daily conduct. They don’t seem able to see, let alone do as a larger population what they need to do to preserve and protect their own survival.

I recall the slums of Rio De Janero, the tightly packed homes of Mexico City, Los Angeles County as a whole, Beijing, Delhi, and on and on and on.

Not only will humans perish for their illogic of not positively tending our Earth, but as well will many or most of the Animal-Kin who can do absolutely nothing whatsoever against the humans’ actions.

These thoughts, with regards to the future of human-animals, our Animal-Kin and our Earth, are not simply cynical prognostications. These are conclusions based on observations of human-animals’ continued activities overall.

In a way, it’s rather easy to just give up hope on humans.


Cap’n Toni…

aerial photography of city
Photo by edwin josé vega ramos on
bird s eye view photo of city during daytime
Photo by Viviana Ceballos on
white and brown buildings
Photo by Roberto Nickson on

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