Life After #45, thinking about our Nation’s future

Life After #45, thinking about our Nation’s future


I’ve had the question tumbling about in my head today: what is life going to be like post-#45?

Personally, I hate Politics. And I was so glad to stay in my ignorance, feeling mostly safe that those at the helm of our Nation generally knew what they were doing and weren’t going to accidentally destroy our Nation.

I hate Politics. It reminds me of the industry of Sales. My Father (may he rest in peace) did Sales as his income for decades. I heard all the back-room machinations of manipulation and in some cases downright deceit in order to get that next customer sold on this or that product or service. ‘Of course they (customer) do not need this product, but let’s work on them until they do want and buy this product. Do whatever it takes to get the sale done.’

Never before these past few years have I felt an actual need to pay attention to politics. And it has been awful.

Each Politician not only has their own perception of realities but as well their own ideological angles they are working towards, and trying to sell others into buying in to their objectives.

I don’t expect the nature of politics in the future to be very different from the ways it’s been historically.  But, after #45 is gone, what will our Nation be like at least in the short-term?

#45 has managed to (as my friend so aptly put it) eviscerate our Nation’s State Department. And isn’t that evisceration precisely what all those supporters of #45 wanted? #45’ians wanted our government gutted.

“Drain the swamp,” they said. And in a way #45 has done quite a bit of that. Drove out lifelong, learned, dedicated Servants to our Nation, and put in their place those with little knowledge, those more easily manipulated by money and power, those with to say the least outdated ideologies. Ideologies of old-world hate, prejudice and ignorance that surprisingly still strongly exist.

However, the past few years have also seen uprisings of folks absolutely against those destructive old-world ideologies. Good folks who care strongly about our Nation, our Earth, Animal-Kin, individuals’ rights, freedoms and protections. Good folks who, by their determined actions, declared each in their own way, ‘No, #45 does not represent us!’

When #45 is finally gone, how do we, The People, contend with our Nation? Now that we know racism, prejudice, discrimination, intolerance are all still going frighteningly strong? Now that we know there is still so much ignorance against our Earth overall?

Sure, it should be quite nice to start the day without the worry of what next hateful, horrible thing #45 has done or will do next.

But I do wonder, what was the point of having become aware of all the defects still very much a part of our our Nation? Generally and especially to do with politics, awareness for me amounts typically only to increased anxiety and stress.

The relief of #45 finally gone from the helm of our Nation might be short-lived.

I wonder what is going to happen with all those #45’ians with their old-world hatefulness, without their emboldening demigod no longer at the helm of our Nation?

How will our Nation return to being a relevant part of the global conversation for caring for our Earth?

How will our Nation repair our reputation as a Military strength and a Nation that can be trusted?

Now that we can see plainly the dangers of having believed that tolerance was enough, how will our Nation address these cultural issues of racism and hate, and the violence that comes along with those?

With respect to our Earth, how will we as a Nation design better work environments that see telecommuting not as a perk but finally as a priority (even if thirty years late)?

How will we as a Nation drive our economies to better support everyone and our Earth?

These and so many more wonderings.

Maybe because of all the determined work by those of us who never did and never would support #45 or any of those old-ways of hate and harm that are represented by #45, maybe things will be okay? Or maybe go back to being okay enough?

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What is life in our Nation going to be like after #45?


Continuing to send good thoughts for our Nation, our Earth and all our Animal-Kin

Cap’n Toni with my Coco, Maya and Carly Pups, and all the Animal-Kids of the lil Haus…

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