thinking about our responsibilities as a Nation and the terrible situation in the Middle East

Hi All,

One of the many things that is on my mind right now, and I would guess perhaps yours as well, is the terrible situation in the Middle East.

Maybe it was yesterday or the day before, but the area where there is this burning fire right now (shown in the photo below), I saw this neighborhood on the camera.

At that time, and I’ve no reason to think they would not still be there as they have nowhere to go, I saw children playing in the streets, Mothers tending after their children, older men walking about, I heard Dogs barking somewhere in the neighborhood, a Rooster crowing from some farm, and watched the military vehicles with guns and soldiers driving through the neighborhood.

You might understandably ask, why am I watching what is happening there? Isn’t it sad, upsetting and depressing? Yes, it is.

So, two reasons.

One, I believe we are all at least a little responsible for the individual having been installed as #45. Whether we voted for that individual (and I of course did not vote for that individual), we’re all at least a little responsible because we didn’t fight hard enough to make sure they didn’t become #45.

Regardless of the interference of Russia, we didn’t for example demand our various news media to give stronger attention to other candidates; let the individual currently sitting as #45 to have been disregarded as the awful, sickening joke that they are and have shown themselves to be.

But, because we are all at least a little responsible for #45 being where they are at the helm of our Nation, we are also at least a little responsible for the horrible situation happening in the Middle East.

Of course why would anyone wish to consider that? I sure am not happy to think of it this way. The replies could rather naturally be along the lines of, ‘No way! I have nothing to do with what’s happening there!’ I sort of agree. Directly, no, we did not set this terrible situation in motion.

But, I think when we search our hearts, we know even if we don’t wish to acknowledge it openly, that we all have some part in what’s happening there. Even if just being very grateful that it is not happening here in the U.S.

So, I believe, given both reasons above, the very least we can do is bear witness, even if just for a few minutes. Maybe just to remind ourselves of what war looks like (for those of us unfamiliar with such things) and stir an even greater gratitude for the relative peace and safety we have here in comparison.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on that.

Continuing to send good thoughts for our Nation, our Animal-Kin everywhere, our Earth…

Cap’n Toni with my Coco and Maya Pups and All the Animal-Kids of the lil Haus….

‘We have a Republic, if we can keep it.’ Benjamin Franklin, 1787


Image may contain: people standing, sky and outdoor

update:  tf 10162019

note: these live feeds were live at the time I wrote this; no guarantee these are still live by the time you read this, if you made it through all this rambling (offering an NSAID for your headache).



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