Virtual & Gaming = Positive Benefits for our Earth, Animal-Kin, Natural Lands & Ourselves; will our 2020 Presidential Candidates talk substantially about these?

Virtual & Gaming = Positive Benefits for our Earth, Animal-Kin, Natural Lands & Ourselves; will our 2020 Presidential Candidates talk substantially about these?


Like some folks, last week I watched the 2020 Presidential Debates. With the very limited amount of time given each Candidate (45 seconds and 30 seconds), for me the debates felt at times more like a shooting match. Such compressed time allowances are certainly a sign of the times. Most every communication (and attention-span) is down to seconds these days. Which makes it surprising to me that people still read blogs, but some still do. 🙂

Although our Environment, as in “climate change,” was finally(!) at least a serious topic in a Presidential debate, once again I did not hear any work-able solid concepts. Likely and hopefully because there just wasn’t enough time. Perhaps the Candidates cover solid concepts on their specific web-pages and I may yet discover some hope there.

These are concepts that I’ve been preaching for years and if my little brain can conjure these up, anyone can and certainly future leaders of our Nation should. And here are the concepts.

The Internet. Although making our Internet a Public Utility has some merit to it, instead make our Internet part of the Infrastructure Appropriations and budget. Because, let’s face it, when we get on to the Internet, we’re going somewhere beyond where we are physically. At any given moment, we could travel via our Internet to South Africa, Germany, California, Canada, Alaska, and anywhere. By including our Internet in our Nation’s infrastructure, we’ll finally recognize our Internet as what it has always been and is – a mode of travel.

Next, jobs. At the very least every single desk-type job should and perhaps must be home-based occupations. The list of benefits from home-based work is long, impressive and real. Less vehicles on the road which of course leads to decreasing CO2 emissions into our atmosphere, lower usage of fossil fuels, less road accidents, injuries and deaths, decreasing driving anxiety and stress as well as loss of time. By extension, increased time for family, community and home, and self.

Robotics. A lot of folks are worried that robotics will take jobs away. Except, here’s the thing, most folks I see don’t really want jobs, per se. What folks seem mostly to want is security, something purposeful and fun to do, and basically ease of living.

Since our civilization is so dominated by economics, where robotics is tied to the Gross Domestic Product, robotics can be a strong contributor of dollars our society is so focused upon. And robotics can be utilized anywhere.

For example, the other week, driving back home from the Mountain (aka work), there was a traffic slow-up due to some road issue. Instead of workers using those flags and radios to control traffic around the issue, robotic lights with traffic-stop arms were used. Brilliant! No workers’ lives being put at risk and traffic was moved along actually much more efficiently.

Believe it or not, even cashiering can be done from home, coupled with the right webcam and by way of robotics. No more clerks having to stand very long hours and exposed to all manner of contagious flu viruses. Heck! Even shopping itself can be done via robotics. Shoppers “hire” their robots, use the onboard camera, cruise around the grocery store, pick out the products they want to purchase and it all gets delivered to home.

Keeping most jobs at home will help lower destruction of our Natural Lands, protect habitats for our Wildish Animal-Kin, improve the quality of our air overall, and stop more construction of these horrible commercial mega-buildings. Buildings such as these already built can be converted into housing (Australia is already starting to do that and I believe a couple other countries as well – yay!) and, by extension, will also help reduce the very destructive urban sprawl.

Business travel. Two words – stop it! In this day and age, there is no real excuse for traveling to business meetings. We have all the technology we need to have virtual meetings and everyone keeps their respective butts at home!

Employers stubbornly unwilling to get with the times, can have tax penalties placed upon their personal income taxes to help motivate them. Conversely, companies that embrace technologies which have beneficial effect upon our Earth can receive some tax benefits.

As well, “Hobby” Conventions for example, can be home-based. Folks can hire robotics stationed at the conventions to peruse, handle and buy items. So someone in say Chicago can buy that much-desired comic figurine at the San Diego Comicon without having to add one more drop of airplane fuel into our skies. Much less having to deal with all the hassle and time associated with airports these days.

In fact, I’ll do you one better than that. With some clever programming, entirely virtual conventions could be designed. So, someone who has some precious movie memorabilia in Hollywood has their dining table at home set up with an internet-driven robotic webcam (which, by the way, I don’t believe our technology dreamers and developers out there have built this yet) that folks from all over the world can peruse and potentially buy.

Concerts can go the same road and actually easily. Set up a nice concert area in your backyard or driveway. Get the necessary permits from your municipality. Get on www.Twitch.TV (a good, solid venue) and do your concert. Ticket dollars come in via the venue. No travel for the band or concert-goers. Nice!

Vacations. Here is something exciting happening with technology right now. It is a virtual wall or window which, by way of cameras, show a live view of the outside world, whichever site one loads up.

Here is an example of this type of technology:

Want a week in Paris, for example? Set the virtual wall to Paris, queue up some culturally appropriate music, and dine on Parisian food all week. Find online those merchants in Paris and buy those touristy trinkets to have shipped home (no hassle with airport security, missing luggage, standing in long lines to board or deplane, all pluses!).

And, by the way, all the travel assistants and tourist destinations can actually benefit from virtual travel as well. The jobs and the ways in which we get to those destinations will be different, that’s all.

Prefer the beach, right? Seems everyone loves the beach. Well here’s another job that’s just waiting to happen. For the amount of money one would spend in air travel and lodging, hire a crew to transform your backyard and/or driveway into your very own temporary beach complete with sand and pool.

If you live in a particularly rainy area, there are pool coverings like enormous greenhouses that will accommodate swim-time and outdoor activities.

Want to do boating and fishing instead? I’m sure the technology dreamers and developers out here can come up with the right, suitable venues for this as well. And, hey! If you catch an eating-sized Fish, your nearby grocery store could have that delivered right to your home, all prepped and ready to eat.

Delivery Robots

No more Fishes in lakes, streams and oceans with wasted hooks in their mouths and no more Birds, Reptiles and Wildlife overall strangled by lost fishing lines.

Really, the only vehicles that should be on our roads and in our skies are ones that are shippers of groceries and goods. And our services’ Folks, like plumbers, electricians, and of course all our First Responders. But the rest of us keep our respective butts at home. We really can do so much from home. Many have just gotten used to driving all over the place, and it really isn’t as necessary as it is made out to be at all.

Socializing. This is an area of technology that needs to do a much better job than it is doing currently. There needs to be ways where people can virtually crowd-gather and see at least each other’s faces. “Second Life” and a few other programs have attempted this with overall poor results. So, hey, Programmers? Get busy on this, eh? 🙂

And Gaming. Gaming is a huge economic force and should be positively recognized as such. In addition to research, development and design, there are a multitude of peripherals with the Gaming world. Everything from furniture to exercise, cooking, arts and crafts, science, languages, cultures, mental health, Wildlife and outdoor activities.

Exercising, for example, something many of us get quite bored with and then give up on, can be transformed into much more exciting activities. With “virtual reality,” you could see the icy tundras of Alaska, watch the Snowy Owls, hear those winds howling, maybe catch sight of a Fox in their white coats, all in real time, from your exercise equipment in your home.

Coupled with robotics, one could even walk in these places. Robotics of this sort is as yet not fully built but could be. All the technologies are definitely there, it’s just a matter of building them and making them accessible to the “average consumer.” By the way, slowly but surely, these technological evolutions are happening right now.

And that’s the fun part. None of these ideas, honestly, are futuristic or out of reach at all. Most of the technologies exist right now and certainly enough of these technologies exist to where we can remove many vehicles from the road and significantly reduce air travel. And all these technologies are of course jobs in of themselves. So jobs wouldn’t be taken away at all.

Honestly, our future with technologies is very exciting stuff! And all of it can help our Earth, Natural Lands, Wild’ish Animal-Kin and ourselves.

Lastly, and I didn’t include this in my blog title but it absolutely needs included in the overall conversation of our Earth, is plastics.

Used plastics needs to be seen not as waste and instead as a resource. In addition to recycling, used plastics can be reused and incorporated into sidewalks, freeway road and sound barriers, porch and patio decking, yard fences and privacy screens, home sidings, driveways, and on. And where there are plastics that cannot be, for whatever reason, recycled and reused, then we should not be using those types of plastics at all.

And none of anything I’ve written here is the socialism some of the older generation dread. Actually it all fits neatly within that cherished notion of capitalism.

Our United States is built on innovation and determination. From the moment Europeans began arriving here, the first thing they had to do in order to survive was think outside the boxes of their old cultures. And we’ve been a Nation of innovation ever since.

So everything listed here is completely do-able. And actually we don’t need Congress or any government to set things in motion for us. We can do all of these things and some already are. As a Nation though, we as a society benefit if/when we have Leaders with focuses on a more positive future for all peoples, all our Animal-Kin, and our Earth.

Continuing to send good thoughts for our Nation…


Cap’n Toni…

from, Virginia Beach

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  1. Thank you, Ian, Anxious&Hungry, RusArtBlog, Emily and Danventuretravels.

    Cap’n Toni….


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