Flashing, Women’s Rights To Their Own Bodies, Preventing Forced Pregnancies, Climate Change, Pre-Existing Conditions, Homophobia, and, What?! Another Trans Person Murdered?!


Flashing, Women’s Rights To Their Own Bodies, Preventing Forced Pregnancies, Climate Change, Pre-Existing Conditions, Homophobia, and, What?! Another Trans Person Murdered?!

More things of the human-animal I have never been able to understand.

tf 06162019 fnd img red flashing lightFlashing. What is the freaking point of this?!

Last week this was in the news: https://www.winknews.com/2019/06/10/florida-man-exposes-himself-to-young-girls-on-naples-pier/

Especially in today’s world where celebrities wear outfits that reveal so much, nearly nothing of the body is left to the imagination. An abundance of average non-celebrities attire themselves in similar fashions.

tf 06162019 fnd img revealing outfit of Violet ChachkiPerhaps that is their point in wearing such clothing? ‘Don’t bother imagining what my body looks like; here, I’ll show you.’

There’s no point to flashing. It’s all already out in the public view.

It is probably just me that finds individual body parts, well, boring. If someone were to “flash” me, they may as well flash their big toe or their ear for those would be equally uninteresting.

Perhaps flashing comes from some kind of intent of shock value. But is that all the value these flashers have in themselves? That all they are is one body part? That is quite pathetically sad.

Never mind developing intelligence or practical skills, and contributing positively to community, to our Earth? Nope, just flash that one body part? That’s it?! Well, I can see no value in that.

But this brings my mind to another issue of today. The latest wave of states denying women the right to their own bodies, specifically in regards to pregnancies.

To me states’ actions of outlawing abortions reeks of hypocrisy because will those same states then financially and potentially indefinitely support all those offspring of females who did not choose to become pregnant in the first place?

From the perspective of our Earth and the many resources humans rely upon, and the fact that the human-animal population is at the moment over 7.7 billion individuals, a bit less breeding would be a good idea. Unfortunately, not all have access to control of breeding.

There are females all over the world who would much rather not breed and certainly not at the barest start of adolescence.

Back to the U.S. though, if a state is going to attack individual’s rights to their own bodies, then it ought to be equal across the board.

tf 06162019 fnd img shutterstock surgical scissors etcFor example, if a male is caught and convicted of rape then at least neuter them so they will not in future be able to forcibly impregnate any female.

Some states actually are starting on that path:


But the process should instead be surgical and include any who sexually assault (in the specific manner of forced penetration of) another regardless of the biological age of the victim.

No, castration will very unfortunately not stop sexual abuse. Predator-humans that harm others by way of sex will still commit their atrocities upon others. The only surgery I can think of that would prevent harm of sexual assault by such predator-humans would be by way of lobotomy. The practical result with castration, chemical or surgical, is that there will not be forced pregnancies. There is distinct value at least in that.

Thinking along the lines of impact upon our Earth, comes to mind this whole business of “climate change.” This issue, as it were, started out as “global warming” and when that became too often the punchline in too many bad jokes, the wording went to “climate change.” Again though, ineffective wording.

Climate change, in of itself, has always been a part of reality, of this our Earth and all our Universe actually. In fact, were it not for climate change, whichever way it came about (whether by asteroid impact, shifting of the planet’s poles and orbit, or otherwise) the human-animal would never have evolved.

tf 06162019 fnd img densely populated citySome, including myself, would argue that result would have been largely a good thing. No plastics, no man-made arsenals of nuclear bombs, none of the destruction from all the seemingly endless human-animals’ wars, nor all the destructive impacts of all their apparently equally endless constructions.

But, here the human-animal does exist and does so because a climate change forced some of them to migrate out of Central Africa, the region where human-animals first began as a mammal distinct of themselves.

And the human-animal is existentially the same as any other being on this our Earth. The human-animal is primarily focused upon, concerned with and motivated by its own survival. With that in mind, the more effective wording should be “resources’ health.” That is after all logically and practically where the human-animal is really concerned.

If some would wish to scare a greater population human-animals into action of preservation of our Earth, then making the focal point about resources should yield better results.

tf 061619 fnd img flood wheat field Credit Scott Olson Getty ImagesLet them know, for example, come Winter-time there’ll be no bread or cereals (let alone chips, crackers, tortillas, and the dubiously oh-so-important breadcrumb stuffings for holiday meats and so on) in the grocery stores because of extensive, destructive flooding in the farmlands.

Immediately follow that with what actions of the human-animals contributed to that flooding or could prevent such agricultural destruction in future.

So, leave climate change as a ponderable for meteorologists and weather forecasting, and insurance companies (another severe irritant to my mind). Focus instead on the overall health of all the many resources human-animals rely upon.

tf 06162019 fnd img bathing in money source metro weeklyAnd on to insurance companies. These companies, as we all know, make massive amounts of money off of other people’s miseries and work quite hard to deny coverages they are intended to provide (by way of, for example, this nonsense called “pre-existing conditions”).

By the way, denial of coverage or financial support due to pre-existing conditions is nonsense because if one is physically alive then *everything* is a pre-existing condition. The body as it exists develops conditions along the route of its existence. It does not matter what “logic” the insurance companies attempt to leverage to cover their decisions.

The bottom line is that the clause is an escape to providing coverage and financial support to those paying for coverage and financial support. It is the insurance companies’ way to legally breach their contracts, let alone their moral obligations.

So, since the insurance companies out there are making so much profit from others’ miseries, place upon them a financial requirement. Be it a useful percentage of their profits put directly towards Medicare or similar program that *should* be providing health support for all individuals without the escape route of “pre-existing conditions.”

Yet another bit of the human-animal I have never been able to understand: homophobia. What in the world is the problem with these homophobics?! Sexual orientation only involves those consenting adults it involves. Full stop. End of discussion. Or well it should be.

The same applies, by the way, to religion. That is a private matter of those adult human-animals involved in those beliefs. Again, that should be the end of that discussion.

The common denominator of these is negative reaction to that which is apparently different. The reaction appears to be hate, though hate is by and large a byproduct of fear. However, rather than feeling and dealing with emotions of fear, some turn to hate because their culture determines hate has greater strength. And, no doubt, there is a kind of strength from hate, mostly with harmful results though.

However, realizing the matter of destructive hatefulness existing within our society is one potentially positive, albeit accidental, outcome of the current administration of our Nation. The evidently phobic, hateful character of the individual currently at the helm of our Nation has encouraged others with similar mindsets to emerge from behind their all too thin veils of tolerance.

This is one large problem with tolerance in society. Tolerance by no means equals acceptance. It is an illusion which provides others a false sense of acceptance. Tolerance is a complete facade and, with the current administration, this reality should now be quite if not painfully clear.

But what is there to be so afraid of and in turn hateful towards that which is different?! Why are some human-animals so aggressively, determinedly limited in their view of life?! These individuals must live in a state of near constant terror, not to mention a way of living that would be so dully unchanging it would drive me insane with boredom.

By the way, boredom is not good for the human-animal brain. A brain that is complex requires being busy, staying constructively active in order to maintain positive health. By extension, a life that is too much the same too often is not an overall healthy situation. Ask (or observe) any Animal-Kin in captivity, deprived of mental enrichments. – – –

Oh. Interesting timing. I just now got a news bulletin on my phone that another Trans person has been murdered.

Excuse my language here, but what fucking bullshit is this?! Just because a person is different, they get murdered?! This is such utterly, completely, hair-pullingly, bang-head-on-desk, infuriatingly stupid shit!

tf 06162019 foamy the squirrel
I feel just now like Foamy the Squirrel raging to my computer monitor. Which, by the way, thank you Jonathan Ian Mathers for your creation of Neurotically Yours and Foamy.

Okay well now every Trans person needs a protective Posse until this shit gets sorted out.

Like I said, Folks, there is a huge and obviously dangerous difference between tolerance and acceptance. And in this case it is resulting in innocent lives being murdered.

Damned, and I do mean they should be damned as in quit being such destructive busy-body, cookie-cutter, fearfully hateful of anything different, the-whole-world-should-be-carbon-copies-of-themselves types!

And here I was going to wrap this rambling up with if one is going to flash me with anything, let it be their mind. That could be impressive. Then again, depending on the specific individual’s mind, maybe not.

Is there any wonder, looking at all the harmful actions of the species, why I am so jaded and cynical as it regards the human-animal in general?

Well, on that note, if I’m needed to be part of a protective Posse for a Trans person, email me, I’ll do my level best to be there for you.

Rest in Peace, Zoe Spears and all whose lives were destroyed by fear and hate.

~ aggravated-with-society sigh! ~

Continuing to at least send good thoughts for our Earth, Animal-Kin and our Nation….

Cap’n Toni with my Coco and Maya Pups and All the Animal-Kids of the lil Haus….

tf 06162019 fnd img forest lake beach boat

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