Some minor(?) annoyances; daylight savings time, males who touch their privates and abusing out of fondness


Some minor(?) annoyances; daylight savings time, males who touch their privates and abusing out of fondness

(I haven’t ranted in a while, so I guess I’m due for a rant.)

tf fnd img 03102019 perranzabuloe sundial cornwallWell that was cute! I just now, thanks to an email, discovered Daylight Savings Time (DST) had started up again. Thanks to all our connected technologies, the clocks just all do their thing without us doing anything at all.

Suddenly yesterday’s 9:00 am on our respective electronics is today 10:00 am. That’s cute. What if someone scheduled an hour-long meeting to start at 9:00 am? Well today there is no 9:00 am. Sorry, meeting canceled. As I regard most meetings as a waste of time, that scenario works just fine for me. Could I do that every time there is a meeting scheduled?

Remember when we would get those sort of warning type reminders on TV and radio at least a week out from DST starting? Okay, granted I don’t have a TV and seldom listen to the radio. So maybe there were still those reminders and I didn’t hear them.

But having technology just doing these things is a bit interesting. The human’s program of time is, as ever it was, arbitrary, dependent upon human’s whims, as compared to Nature. By Natural system time is more like dawn, before midday, after midday, evening, night.

So every time the clocks change it reminds me yet again how arbitrary is the system of human time. And these days it’s so much easier to manipulate time. With connected technology the powers-that-be could conceivably change the clocks every week and eventually no one would even notice.

People these days seem to notice seconds more than hours. If loading a game or starting up electronics like phones and computers, etc., took longer than thirty seconds those products might have rather short economic lifespans. But do people notice they lost an hour’s worth of sleep? Maybe not?

So, if it suited Corporate America, for example, to have folks show up for breakfast an hour earlier or later, today that’s as easily done as simple programming. Hmm.


(fair warning: this next part is a bit explicit)

Next topic of annoyance: males who touch their genitals in public. This aggravates me no end! Yes, I understand penises and testicles do itch from time to time, and also get caught up in the fabric and sometimes elastics of clothing or, for the really unfortunate, get caught up against zippers.

But! Let a female adjust her breasts or vagina in public because either of these itch or somehow the body parts shifted into uncomfortable positions, and all hell would break loose.

Guys, do you really think female genitalia doesn’t itch on occasion?! On hot humid days,  sweat hopelessly slithering down every nook and cranny of one’s body, yeah, everyone gets uncomfortable. Oh, hey Guys? Guess what? Even tits itch sometimes. Just for a moment, visualize one or more females having to scratch their tits in public. That was fun, huh!

tf fnd img 03102019 man in kilt

In fact the whole business of outer clothing is rather backwards. Males probably should ditch pants and even underwear (since both of these apparently provide so much annoyance), and wear something akin to kilts.  Female body parts, particularly the southern bits which don’t dangle down, aren’t quite as bothered by things like slacks. Better yet, let’s all just wear non-binding yoga pants.

Here’s the thing. If it’s culturally, societally inappropriate for females to even so much as try to touch their genitalia in public, then the same applies for males. If your body parts bother you at least have the consideration to do your scratching and/or adjusting in private, eh! Hmm!


tf fnd img 03102019 boy about to pull girl hair

The next bit: ‘I tease you because I like you.’ I’ve heard this ridiculous sentiment countless times over my 54 years of life. What that sentence translates to is ‘I abuse you because I like you.’ What?! Excuse me but exactly WTF?! This is on par with the same kind of nonsense abusers lay on their victims, ‘I beat you up because I love you.’

You know what? Please don’t like or love me then, because if that’s what like and/or love amount to be, then I don’t want any. I’m far, far better off without that kind of weird affection.

My Father – may he rest in peace and Bless his Spirit anyway – used to do that to me when I was a child. He would in passing punch me in my arm. Apparently this was his way of showing affection (one of the similar habits, by the way, shared unfortunately by many culturally Western males). One day I had enough of that shit and punched him back. I must have used enough force because he never did it again after that.

Oh, and forbid one calling out such bizarre demonstrations of affection. Then what happens? Those males shut down nearly completely. Again, a behavior I’ve witnessed more times than I can count. It’s reminiscent of a sulking child, ‘If I can’t play my way, then I won’t play at all. So there!’

My mental response is, ‘What are you, permanently five years old?!’ And not speaking out is a problem with many females in this society who were taught to just put up with crap behavior by males because ‘oh, that’s just the way guys are’ or that speaking out would cause more problems than it’s worth. This lack of calling-out only enables males to continue their habits, because, actually, there’s no reason for them to change.

Some posit such displays of affection by way of abuse stem from immaturity and it sure does appear as immaturity, and appears more often in Western males. However I believe such behavior actually comes from improper upbringing.

I am sure there are societies out there that would not permit their male children to go around punching or verbally abusing others as acceptable ways of showing affection. In fact, I’d wager some societies would rightly regard such behaviors as at the very least unacceptable conduct. Parents could help their male offspring express their affections in positive, non-abusive ways.

Very fortunately not all Western males indicate such a lacking in proper upbringing. Then again, maybe those males I’ve witnessed not exhibiting such behavior were actually indicating a lack fondness of a particular person by their lack of abusive behaviors.

I will bet that Western males who do show affection by some manner of abuse don’t consider their actions and/or words as abusive. They demonstrate a lack of awareness of the impacts of their conduct, of consideration of their behavior choices before they choose their conduct.

Evidently no one ever taught them how to consider impact on others first nor how to demonstrate affections in non-abusive ways. It shows plainly if/when abusive behavior is brought to their attention and all they can do is helplessly shut down. It is heart-breakingly pathetic that they apparently don’t know any other way to be.

I wonder though with the ongoing work of culturally equalizing genders, that maybe some females now also do these particular abusive behaviors? (Western females do have their own varieties of hurtful conduct.) Or maybe more modern Western males are being educated better?


Cap’n Toni….

tf 09242018 fnd img tall ship fog

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  1. Jennifer Tomlinson says:

    If my boobs itch, I scratch. I’m a little more discreet with the “down under” though.

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