Sending prayers for healing and peace. This time for Charlottesville, Virginia.

Sadly this situation is, well, not surprising. However, it is a mere convenience to attribute the violent acts of human animals to some political or any other agenda.

There’s an essence of violence within every human animal. Examples of this can be found throughout the entire course of the history of “modern man.”

The driving force is the same as any being on our Earth and that driving force is survival. One group determines they have a right to survive and other groups do not have a right to survive.

There is and has ever been a simmering hatred, which is merely the reformat of fear response to survival, just beneath the skins of human animals.

All the many labels, political, religious, ideologist and so on, are at the end of the day just conveniences, fabricated justifications to vent off violent energies extant in the species in general. Contemporary examples of the human animal’s violent undercurrents can be found in “road rage,” “media rage,” “keyboard warriors,” and so on, including these protest demonstrations. In fact, humans feeling entirely fed up with some particular situation they find intolerable is the whole birth of protest demonstrations.

And what’s going to happen with the Charlottesville situation moving forward has already begun and is also sadly not surprising.

Folks are already blaming the police, the courts, the governments, administrations, history.

Bottom line however is that individuals’ choices to act out the violence within themselves is not the fault of any other being than those acting out their own inner violence.
Some would say they are quite aware of the evidently inherent natures of the human animal, including its attributes of violence.

Some builders of demonstrations will prepare themselves for potential of violence. Organizers will declare peaceful intentions at the outset and the declaration may, depending on the circumstance, ironically become just another convenient platform to release violent energies.

Time and again there are the outraged demands of ‘Where were the police?!’

Actually, in such circumstances which reveal the violence simmering beneath their skins all along, the question should be, where were the people?

Why were they not fully controlling their own actions? Why were they not prepared within themselves for peace, to decelerate violence when it occurs?

Some will defensively counter (and it’s almost comical that even this will again show rage), that they did the best they could and that they were not themselves acting violently.   The dead and injured and debris evidence differently.

Why do these situations culminate in violence, regardless of some or many intentions towards peace?  Simply and sadly because some human animals don’t want peace; some plainly want violence.

Some leverage various versions of righteousness to defend and propel violence as depicted, amongst other glaring items, their makeshift signs declaring which individuals because of whichever stances should be “killed off.”  Others secretly and not so secretly cheer on those who act out the violence they themselves will not do.

Violence, in all its many forms, is just a means to vent off the strains of stress of a fear-based survival reaction within themselves.  To merely stuff away fear and rage emotions under some facade of tolerance is no remedy for the violent energies within the being. Equally ineffective is the whole blaming others habit.

tf 08132017 fnd img sunken cannon

It’s the whole “us” versus “them” program of survival. And many human animals ~still~ heartily insist that they are somehow “better than” any other Animal Kin and being on our Earth.  Their actions routinely prove otherwise.

-aggravated, sad sigh, again-

Sending prayers for healing and peace, if it does any good.

Cap’n Toni….


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