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One Way to Reduce Carbon Footprints & Help Our Mother Earth: The Sort-of Invisible Economy

June 10 2017

I saw a tweet the other day that at first I thought, ‘What?! Ugh! Silly humans. What will they think of next!’

Then I thought, ‘Wait a minute. Hold on. There might be something good going on here. Something really good.’ Here’s the Tweet that got me thinking about this.

tf 06102017 img of marcus tweet on likes to dollars

Yes, actually purchasing things like “likes”!   This might not be as ridiculous as it may first appear.

Then I wondered if there were any measures of carbon footprints out there on things like Facebook’s “likes.”

Sure enough, there is one. Granted, this article is a little dated but it’s the first one I stumbled across.

Wednesday 1 August 2012 11.58 EDT
” Facebook has, for the first time, revealed the carbon footprint of its operations and its more than 900m users’ likes, photo albums and status updates.
The data, published on Wednesday, shows that despite the social networking’s rising star, its carbon emissions are still a fraction of internet rival Google. Facebook’s annual emissions were 285,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent in 2011, compared with Google’s 1.5m tons in 2010.
The vast majority of the emissions (72%) come from the company’s data centres in the US. The annual footprint for each user that’s active monthly is 269 grams, or around the equivalent footprint of a cup of coffee, the company calculated.
Facebook also detailed the mix of energy sources that power its data centres. The majority, 27%, comes from coal power, with the rest coming from renewable sources (23%), gas (17%), nuclear (13%) and the remaining 20% uncategorised. …


Taking into consideration that the majority of carbon emissions is from human activity (https://www.co2.earth/global-co2-emissions), any technologies that the human animal can come up with that results in less carbon emissions should probably be hailed as a great thing.

Of course, as per usual, there’s a double-edged sword here as well. But for this post I’m going to ~try~ to stick to just the positive edge of the sword.  Note: “try.”

Virtual market of virtual materials. That’s already here, isn’t it?

We already have things like bit-coins. However, these currencies tend to buy physical items the production of which does impact our Earth.

But then there are platforms like Twitch.TV.  Here one can literally purchase these things called bits to use as “cheers.” The cheers are generally offered up to live-streamers who are broadcasting something appreciated by the cheer-giving audience. The broadcasters there live-stream, aside of games, arts and crafts like painting, wood-working (reclaiming and repurposing “scrap” wood), song-writing, sewing, cooking, on and on.  Believe it or not, some live-streamers make just enough in cheers and subscriptions to do live-streaming as almost a primary income.

How amazing is this?!

Now, I will say I do not like the whole kiosk machine vending out “likes” (see the image of the Tweet above). It creates a middle-layer or “middle man” for which there is no need. In fact, I would encourage folks ~not~ to use such machines because these would certainly cut in to what little actual cash is made by folks like live-streamers or those trying to generate donations to help Animal-Kin, for example.

Instead, I would absolutely recommend going closer to the source, as it were. Like when April the Giraffe was in the long process of delivering her calf Tajiri (what a beautiful name, eh!). The whole months-long event was broadcast over on YouTube.

Even though at first YouTube had some difficulty with the whole birthing concept, they did eventually come around, so they do deserve thanks. Thank You, YouTube!

On the broadcast page there were donation buttons where folks could help support the Giraffes and all the Animal-Kin there at  www.TheAnimalAdventurePark.com.

Of course I would like to see many, many more venues and platforms like this where viewers can watch and interact (interactivity is absolutely vital) with live-streams of the/”our” Animal-Kin and be able to make supportive donations if they would like to.

Note:  If there ever is a venue or platform live-streaming “our” Animal-Kin Spotted Hyenas, no one might ever see or hear from me again, as I’ll very likely be rather glued to that channel!  hehheh

Yes, those of us who cherish our Earth shudder and feel sick in reaction to the environmentally horrible, destructive disposition and desires of the so-called leader of our Nation (you know, the orange-headed beast of destruction).

However, because that so-called leader is as wretched as they are, ironically, very ironically, something inadvertent and valuable may have come of it.

Folks are realizing more and more that those who care for our Earth are on our own. This Nation’s so-called leader is at best absent (actually, the Earth would benefit if they were to just keeps their hands out of anything Earth related for they have no clue how to do good for anything other than themselves).

Anyone who has heard the news of that individual removing the United States from the Paris Accord or their intentions to bring back heavy polluters, knows that it’s not “hype” to say that now more than ever before standing up for and helping our Earth and all our Animal-Kin and indeed ourselves is directly up to the People.

Fortunately, the numbers of folks who care about our Earth is growing!  People all over the world are realizing that if we expect our Earth to sustain us, that is to say ultimately keep us alive, then we have to positively participate in caring for our Earth.

We already know that production of physical goods, traveling using fossil fuels and even some bio-fuels, urban sprawl and all that have significant environmental impacts. And, of course, all the components and electricity for all the computers and the internet has its environmental impacts as well.

And there are the wars. Although there is negative sentiment out there towards capitalism, this is one aspect where commerce can actually be a good thing. Certainly, when capitalism is controlled by the greedy and people are hurt by that, then it’s not a good thing.

However and this may sound odd but money is actually intended to be a tool of peace. Instead of killing each other for things like food, water and land, this thing called money is supposed to prevent such violence. Note: Supposed to. Yeah, I know and I hear you.

To me, the human animal as a species seems ever to be balancing itself on the tip of a quite wobbly needle. Sometimes the wobble goes towards positives for our Earth and by extension ourselves.

Of course as the human animal does those things helpful for our Earth, the natural impetus behind those positive actions comes from the same inspiration as with any other organism on our Earth. That driving force is survival; the only actual, real law of our Earth.

While it’s unlikely we’ll be able to remove all our negative impacts on our Earth, we can definitely lower our harmful affect.

For many years now, I have hoped and prayed (and every day still hope and pray) for the human animal to use all the many amazing technologies it has built and continues to build for the greater good of not just the human animal but also for all Beings and our Earth which we All rely upon to survive.

I do think that the virtual markets is one option that could indeed be very helpful for our Earth, all our Animal-Kin and indeed ourselves.


Cap’n Toni….


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