Animal-Kin vs cash, and Fracking causing Earthquakes-well, they’ve kind of got that one backwards tf-02202017-fnd-img-ship-www-westcoastpaddler-com-userimages-rider-robertsoniibottom-jpg

02/20/2017 toniaynianightfish

(I know it’s basically pointless, but every once and awhile, I just have to vent my rage.)

So, yes, unfortunately, Fracking is another ill that is going to continue, regardless of negative environmental impact, regardless of the harm that it presents to the/”our” Earth, Natural lands and Wild Animal-Kin, because it’s all about money.

The human-animal more and more has restricted its understanding of and reaction to survival to money.  Which to a certain degree makes sense.  Rather than human-animals killing each other for water or food, which not so long ago used to be the way it was majorly done, contemporary survival is determined more and more via the hoped-for less bloody route of economics.

So what does that mean for the/”our” Wild Animal-Kin however?  Well, it means we human-animals in order to protect them, need to find some avenues that will drive revenue and sustain the economics involved.  And with ~that~ individual currently at the helm of our Nation, the economic aspect is going to have even greater priority and focus with increasingly less regard for Nature and the/”our” Animal-Kin.

Aspects such as environmental ethics, all-being egalitarian principles and overall care of the Earth are mostly expensive and, in terms of cash, not generally profitable.  Profits along these lines can require a bit of abstract thinking and education, towards both there are scores of human-animals that do not yet feel incentivized to invest their time, thought, heart or cash.

There are though some programs on the globe that have managed to successfully albeit tenuously marry preservation of Land and Animal-Kin and economic profits.   Like most marriages, this one requires love, literally, and a lot of it.

With the technologies we have available today, we can certainly create more of these marriages with similar beneficial results.  Creating technologies like pay-for-use, remotely controlled Nature bots, for example, is one such option, whenever it can be created, that is.

How Fracking enters into this particular thought is how these operations invade and destruct Natural lands specifically designated for the/”our” Wild-Animal Kin.  So now, not only is urban sprawl having a destructive effect on Natural lands and the/”our” Animal-Kin, but Fracking operations are coming in and taking what little has been left for the/”our” Wild-Animal Kin.

And, yes, it’s heartbreaking and infuriating especially when I hear folks continue to say things like, “Leave the wild animals alone!”  My head shrieks in rage, “To where?!”  It’s times like that where I deeply wish folks would just load up Google Maps and have a look at the many, many Lands that are supposed to be protected and preserved, but are being destructed by Fracking.

As to the news article regarding Fracking and the relationship to earthquakes:


“…. “We found a connection between oil and gas activities and these detected seismic events, essentially earthquakes,” explained Seth Pelepko, a geologist who’s also in the DEP’s Oil and Gas program as the Chief of Well Plugging.

The report found that last April in Lawrence County near the Ohio border, five small earthquakes were caused by hydraulic fracturing or fracking….”


Well, they’ve got it only very slightly backwards.  It isn’t that Fracking in of itself directly “causes” earthquakes.  It is that by drilling holes in the/”our” Earth’s crust, we are weakening the integrity and strength of the surface of the Earth.  It’s rather like perforating a piece of cardboard and obviously the cardboard is then no longer as strong as it was when it was more solid.

By weakening the surface of the Earth, when there are pressures rolling by under the plates, that pressure will naturally find its way to the path of least resistance. Fracking can create paths of least resistance, giving pressures a place to release, aka earthquakes. This is why states such as Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and others have been and are experiencing earthquakes more and more, where historically earthquakes have seldom occurred in those areas.

To learn more about how earthquakes and movement pressures transfer across the globe, please give a visit to https://dutchsinse.com/.   He has been studying earthquakes from a geological perspective for about seven years now and has about an 85% success rate in terms of forecasting where earthquakes are likely next to occur.

So although agencies out there are finally beginning to recognize at least one of the hazards that come along with Fracking, that being an increased vulnerability to earthquakes, there’s still at this point no apparent recognition or positive action with regards to the quite obvious damages to habitat and therefor Wild-Animal Kin.tf-02202017-fnd-img-ship-www-westcoastpaddler-com-userimages-rider-robertsoniibottom-jpg



Cap’n Toni…





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