02/05/2017tf 09032014 view of crowsnest and moon
up through the roots
(listening to Blackmore’s Night – Ghost of a Rose)

dear gentle Warriors
through the sticky soil
up through the roots
the branches pulse
your rising heartbeats

many times the Moon has
gone and come
round have thee prayed
the end of the
poison castles

from beneath their self-serving
heartless greed
that makes their muck and mire
simmers up
your steady glowing fire

the bones rattled
in the silver brazier
heat of tears
cracking them apart
to show your heart

The Wise Ones sung
to extinguish the wrong
for good of all
their face must be seen
in plain light

caught in a spell
trickery of their deformed ego
brings them dumbly out
the midnight glow illuminates
all the ills they would inflict

smoke of their self-pleasuring
tarnishing all they touch
fouling their lungs
shall never affect
your glorious fire

dear gentle Warriors
heartbeats forever wild
eternally strong
muscles quiver and twitch
as the air fills with song

each silent footfall
testaments of faith
good is and shall be
brought up again
from the ancient ashestf 09032014 view of crowsnest and moon

‘neath a million stars
amidst a million tears
within a million whispered prayers
of saving and healing
rises the impassioned heartbeat

dear gentle Warriors
it is your heart
begun at the start of time
and shall ever beat
the unending pulse of life.

Bless your good hearts, dear gentle Warriors.


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