The Beginning Fall-outs of their Falling for the Con…


Geez, I was hoping not to have to write something like this over what should be a Holiday weekend of peace and goodwill. But, well, I have to.

You see, it’s coming and I give you sad welcome to the world with which I and others are terribly familiar. It’s the world of “Hush!”

It’s a place where honesty can lead to painful ruin. It’s a world I have lived in and for a large part continue to live in, due mostly to the humans with which I must interface in order to financially survive.

To the Young who have, I hope, enjoyed their Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Movement, Freedom to Assemble, your Freedom in general, I hope you will listen, realize and act to protect your Freedom because it really is on the line.

There’s a reason I have been and am very careful to refrain from using the Dump’s actual name or any images associated to that individual. It’s more than just the wave of nausea that rushes over my person at the mere thought of that individual. It’s what they are capable of… and even moreso right now.

And I can feel the People sinking into fear, voices reduced by the weight of their fears to angry whispers. Sadly, they are right to do that.

My friends “across the pond” in England, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and so on, can see what’s happening. They’ve seen this in history before. They can see the very real hell that is possible.

To be fair, the Dump was always problematic, but now as they have slimed their way into our most important Office, it is even worse.

Myself and many people warned about the dangers of the Dump ages ago. I even wrote to a couple of news outlets warning them that they’d better enjoy what freedom of speech they have now because they won’t be able to later.

And it’s not just about all the damage the Dump, in our most important Office, can do both to our Nation and potentially even the World.

No, actually the even larger danger is by and from all the people who are being twisted away from their better Natures (yes, I’m giving tons of benefit of doubt; that’s what the hopeful do).

There is a wretched ugliness being inspired within them to conduct themselves in destructive hatred. What they hate is partly dependent on what the Dump directs them to hate by way of working their perceived fears against themselves and each other.

And then there are the fearful. Just like in old Germany about a hundred years ago, these will say and do whatever is told of them to say and do. It is not because they believe or even remotely truly support whatever rhetoric is present at the time, but because their lives are literally on the line.

That’s where this Dump is headed. Count on it. It’s already starting.

It’s not about “wanting” Hillary Clinton to be President. Not that I feel there are not others, like Bernie, who could probably do well in the Office. I say Hillary purely on the number of votes.

No, it’s not about want. It’s about ~need~. Myself and probably just about anyone with eyes yet unclouded by the Dump can see where the Dump situation is headed.

And no, it’s not just some fantastical, fear-based conspiracy idea going on here.

Just as Politicususa.com wrote with regards to that Saturday Night Live sketch, the Dump is no longer that preposterous joke that most folks rightly regarded them to be about a year ago.

No, now they are a clear and present threat and danger to this Nation and all the Values it holds dear. That’s everyone in this Nation including those that supported the Dump.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea why anyone at all would support the Dump. I can only guess that it must have been attacks of shrewdly placed “ear worms” that infected their better senses. I can’t believe that there are over sixty million people who cannot (or, more likely, will not) see the disaster fast approaching on the horizon.

I have a hunch that the Dump supporters (rather eerily similar to the Hitler supporters not quite a hundred years ago who also blindly believed in that monster) must feel that they are somehow safe and protected from the harmful effects of the Dump simply because they supported him.

Wait when they found out, they are not safe at all. They don’t realize that now, but they will. Just as the People in Germany learned about a century ago, so will the Dump supporters learn.

I just wonder how much damage will we, all the People, have to endure before the Dump supporters realize just how horrible and dangerous the Dump actually is.

Simply put, anything that does not please or personally profit that slimy, severely dysfunctional ego of the Dump is not safe.

That includes Freedom of Speech, Womens’ Rights, the Environment, Animal Rights, Education, Religion… the list goes on and on and on.



As I said, it’s not about “want.” It’s about need. Hillary Clinton, if you’re out there listening, the Nation ~needs~ you.

I do not know if the Electoral College can be brought to change their minds, but I do hope, for the sake of our Nation and every Being in it, that they will see the clear, obvious danger that is the Dump and that the Electoral College will change their minds.

I hope and I pray for us All.

Cap’n Toni with my Coco and Maya Pups and All the Animal Kids of the lil Haus….

p.s.  I found this amazing image below just as I was about to post this blog.  Once again I find my fearful heart rather a bit restored of its peace and hope by Mother Nature.  🙂



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