Hi All,

So, a thought occurred to me. Well, more like came back to me, now that the shock and surreal is finally starting to wear off.

By the way, as far as I can see, we don’t have a President right now and apparently won’t for the next four years.

But back to the thought that came back to me.  Remember about a year ago right at the start of this process, I was saying (mostly on Facebook) how the Dump is nothing but a con-creep who knows only three things, bluff, bully and buy.

I was pleading with folks to not buy into the con. That individual has no education, expertise or experience in or for the Office. Absolutely zero. And nothing’s changed.

They wanted the Office to gratify their ego and at some point satisfy their bank account. Plus they’ve set themselves up to have the benefit of the Secret Service security for the rest of their life. They slimed their way into the Office by way of a great, sick con, preying on and inciting in the most heinous fashion people’s darker sides.

But what if – just for a moment ponder this – what if they’re not going to do anything at all? They don’t have to back up any of the ridiculous pieces of crap they said on the campaign trail. Maybe the reason they never had any real plans (until they hired some poor writer to fabricate something up) is because it’s only been a con all along.

What if they are sitting in the Office and just laughing at everyone who fell for the con? And laughing even more at all the folks succumbing to hysteria.

Yes, our emotions are real, but they never were real.

They made the election process and now the Office into the punchline of their con-job and very sad, tasteless joke.

What if they’re not going to do anything at all? While their sickening presence in our Office is endured, they can make some empty gestures to again make themselves look like something of interest for the press and get folks riled up and hysterical. But they don’t actually have to do anything. Further, they probably never had any intention of actually doing anything all along?

By way of conning a lot of folks, they slimed their way into the Office for the purpose of gratifying their ego and that’s it.


The weather phenomenon”St.Elmo’s Fire” along the mast of a tall ship (found via Google images).

What if we were to say, “Ya know what, you creep? We are not going to buy into your garbage. And ya know what else? We’re not going to be your cheap entertainment either. We are not going to turn against each other and beat each other up and you sit up there laughing at us.  We are not going to let our Nation fall into disaster.


We will do our good work and give you no heed.  We will continue to care about people in need, regardless of race, personal religion, orientation.

We will continue to strive for peace, equality, liberty and freedom, and keeping ourselves safe in the process.

And we the People are doing it all without you. We see the con that you are. We’re not buying the garbage you’re peddling.

We will continue to care, protect and take care of our Earth and all the Animal Kin with us.

You con creep, you go rot. We don’t believe in you. We never did believe in you. We never will believe in you.”

What if, eh?


Cap’n Toni…


2 thoughts on “What if we realized it was all just a con job?

    • Thanks, Rozinanna. One of my big worries is for the Earth and the/our Animal Kin. Those of us who have love of the Earth and the/our Animal Kin will need to align ourselves with the right forces to work and keep the Earth and the/our Animal Kin as safe as possible. You know what I mean?
      Bless your good heart, Rozinanna.
      Cap’n Toni…


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