Dogma’s Weight ~ Ode To Dutchsinse ( https://dutchsinse.com/ ) and All Innovators

He saw their swords
Their antique splendor
Intricate and sparkling
So carefully crafted
Set gingerly above
Their warm, crackling hearth.
Their churches
Built in honor of their swords.
Within their grand halls
The old masters rest cheerfully
Upon the quilts
Of their ego.

All this he saw
And within his mind
Embers rustled
By a wondering wind.
For all the swords’ beauty,
With these none could be protected
For they possessed no cutting edge.
For all the intricate sparkling,
No illuminating warning of danger
Could come,
For their surfaces were covered
In carefully laid dust.

The fires’ shifting dance
Traced their light
Upon his skin.
His eyes saw what could be.
Their swords of antiquity
Were but a beginning,
Not a final end.
So from their pattern,
Driven by the hero’s flame,
He crafted a new sword.
A sword that would warn,
That would protect.

Though his sword was strong,
True and right,
The old masters cast him aside.
They had gained so much
From their swords,
They would not give it up.
Possessed of the rich adoration
Of the world,
They could not
Abandon their antique swords.

He persisted still
For from the fires in his heart
He knew the world
Needed a real sword.
And as he worked
The old masters
Peeked and listened at the door,
Taking notes.
Like baboons discovering
The tree of ripe apples,
They dart about,
Nervously taking only pieces,
Lest they be found out
And cut down by the sword
Stronger than their own.

From the deceptive twisting
And staggering misleading
Of their insecurities,
They secretly and deeply
Feared the young sword.

What will the old masters do?

What will become of the young hero?

Will the old wrest away from the young
The new, good, strong sword,
And, to preserve their own security,
With it cut down the young?

Will the young gain a favorable eye
From other elders,
Who will bring their own swords
To meet and join together
With this new sword?

Only time will tell that story.
For at this moment ,
This very moment,
The story,
Old as time as it is,
Is still

Cap’n Toni~ToniFisher~ToniAyniaNightFish


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