tf 08272016 fnd img child beach sunsetDear Victoria Martens, may you Rest in Peace, poor Little Child, and Bless your Spirit…

I am sorry, Victoria and all the children, that apparently in this country we do not broadly teach our young how to become parents, let alone “good” parents.  Just because a person can physically breed, does not mean they’re capable of being or prepared to be parents, good, loving, caring, protective parents. Too many human animals just breed.

What does a “good” parent even look like anymore?  Is it somewhere within the majority culture of this country where it is taught to never brutalize a child?  Is it gone that to even be able to give birth to a child is actually a Blessing to be respected and cherished?

Does anyone know how to raise a child properly anymore?  What is “proper” anymore?  I think the sentiment is there within society, but where is the evidence of practical application?

One reason I no longer go to “Super stores” is there is where I have seen far too many pitiful outcomes of the non-raising of children; these young humans are only just the result of a breeder throwing another being out into reality.  These are the children who are allowed to run everywhere, be as loud and destructive as they like, to have no care or respect of anyone or anything. These are the children that are lucky if they get any guidance towards adulthood. These are the children that if they attain adulthood are likely to be already well into drugs and sucked into criminal activities.

The beings that birthed you, dear Victoria, were probably one of those children birthed and for all intent and purpose abandoned; psychologically, intellectually abandoned.  You were far too young to know any of this, dear Victoria, but your life was destroyed because of their lacking.

It’s a sad statement to say but today if I meet a young human that is caring, respectful, kind and intelligent, a young human that knows about community and being a positive member of society and the planet, I find myself feeling utterly surprised. This young human has actual parents, not breeders.  Why is a young person of good character such a rarity?

Would it be unacceptable that if a woman became pregnant because she was raped, that the offspring be placed right away into some kind of orphanage type program?  Of course being raped is not the fault of the female affected, but obviously that female wasn’t planning on becoming pregnant.  Why should the offspring and society be made to have to deal with and support an utterly unprepared birthing human?

Would it be acceptable that any male convicted of rape be sterilized so that they will not be able to force any other females into pregnancy?  Can we at least end rape-induced offspring?

If a female is found to have a history of “street” drug use and has offspring, would it be alright to sterilize that female so that no more offspring will come?  Can we at least end street-drug-born offspring?

Why do we as a society have to continue to support and by extension then incidentally encourage offspring born of humans who were not prepared in any way to have or properly raise the offspring they have birthed?

Is it possible to teach in all schools parenting classes?  Is it possible to help the young to prepare to become parents that will produce offspring that are positive members of society as opposed to just another burden or negative affect on society and/or the planet?  Even if the young humans in those classes determine that they themselves do not wish to have offspring, they can learn what proper parenting looks like and by extension what it looks like and what to do when proper parenting isn’t in place.

tf 08272016 fnd img child hands build sand castle

The young are, from a practical perspective, everyone’s future and thus everyone’s concern.  This is the simple foundation which gave birth to public schools.

But if such classes and parents are out there in this society, then why are there so many young humans on drugs, brutalizing and killing each other? Just as one example, every single night in areas of Chicago, there are humans shooting guns and trying to kill each other; every single night. Why are there so many young humans out there who show no positive care or regard for society or community or the planet?  By the evidence of all the/our violence out there, why are we, as a culture in general, so lacking?

Maybe things aren’t as grim as at first things seem to be, especially in those emotional moments directly following such particularly gruesome incidents.  But still, as a society, couldn’t we do better?

Would it be possible that humans convicted of such brutality as was inflicted on upon you, poor Victoria, utterly helpless to protect yourself from the horrific acts of these human monsters, to put those human monsters to death?

Can we no longer financially support those who commit such horrible acts by having to indefinitely provide for those monsters while they are kept in prison?  Can we prevent such horrible brutalities from ever occurring again by using the death option?

tf 08272016 fnd img chld n pup sitting beachIt would not be death as a penalty to a crime, but death from a practical approach, an effective way to prevent those human monsters from ever again inflicting such brutality on any other being, be that a human child or any living being.

If there is not sufficient education and guidance in schools for positive parenting, then perhaps the ultimate negative consequence of death would help.

Such a consequence might just deter other human monsters from committing such brutal, horrific, viscous acts of violence as was inflicted upon helpless 10-year-old Victoria and upon other children and beings out there as well.


Rest in Peace, poor Victoria; Rest in Peace and Bless your Spirit.

tf 08272016 fnd img child beach sunset

photo by Christie Dimitrakopoulou


Cap’n Toni…



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