Hmm. Can We Remember What The DumpTrumps Did To Us?

I wonder sometimes if those supporters of the DumpTrump can recall back as far as 2008? Can folks remember just a bit prior to 2008 and the infamous bursting of the “housing market bubble?”

Back in the times, just a few short years ago, when the real estate market was just a scheme of flipping houses and reckless market inflations, not creating homes for families or communities.  The market crash that came after years of blind avarice and runaway greed.  Systems of short-term gains made to seem the “only” way to go.

Programs which came to inevitable self-destruction were built and driven by the DumpTrump’s out there, who con, scare and bully folks into abandoning principles, respect and care.  Systems that created and promoted a false and divisive sense of “us and them.”  Drivers of the worst of Corporate America that promote cold uncaring, taking advantage of and hurting people just for a profit.

Do we remember all the companies laying off many, many workers (and I was one of them)?  Do folks today remember back when families were faced with losing their homes?  Do we remember the outrage we felt when elderly folks were losing their homes that they’d spent decades working hard for and were tricked out of their homes by unscrupulous, scheme mortgages crafted by the uncaring greed of the DumpTrump’s out there?

I’m not saying today’s economy or that our Nation is perfect; there’s no such thing as a perfect anything.   But can we look at today and compare it to a mere eight years ago and just a wee bit before that?  Can we look back and remember how we all persevered and came through those hard and scary times?  Can we be humble enough and maybe even proud enough of all we’ve achieved since then, and recall not just who was at the helm of our Nation through those times of difficult recovery, but remember our Spirit as a Nation?

Can we remember that it’s not greed or uncaring that we feel proud about when we contemplate our Nation?  Can we remember that actually it is our care, giving and sharing that makes us feel proud and positive for and with our Nation?

Of course we all know there’s more work to do for and with our Nation, for today and for the future.  As long as there is life, there will be work to do.  But how do we want to go about that work?  From a place of rage, hatred and fear?  Does that feel good or right?

No, today is not perfect or some kind of blissful paradise.  Yes, there are some bitter, deeply difficult times right now and we can see the work we need to do together.   But can we see that hate and fear only hurts us?  Hate and fear makes people blind and only more hateful.  After all, isn’t it hatred that is causing all the shootings, all the injuries, all the deaths?

Can we see that we can do more good for ourselves and each other when we refuse to be broken by hate and fear?  Aren’t we inspired when folks reach out with compassion and care?  Don’t we feel better about ourselves and each other when we come together in compassion and peace to help each other heal and overcome hard times?

Do we remember the times when there have been big fires or destructive weather storms and a family or families lost their homes?  Do we remember how we felt when neighbors came together and shared what little they had with those who had lost everything?

Can we recall all the good we have done and continue to do for all the/our Animal Kin out there?  All that work, time and money we give away because we care and want to help.  And when we look at the work we’ve done, those who we have helped to rescue, save and to live a life that’s not about abuse, hunger and pain, but instead about good health, joy and love, don’t we feel good about ourselves and each other?

Will we choose to work for the future from a place of heart-level care, compassion and resolve carried by hope and faith that we are actually stronger and can do more good together?

These are kind of simpletf 07282016 fnd img canoe on lake questions.  I wonder what our answers will be.


Cap’n Toni…


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