05/07/2016 So I got back from getting some plants at the fundraiser, pulled into my lil Haus driveway and saw at the feeder a very new (to me) Bird visitor! I was very excited and terribly curious to find out just who is this new visitor.

Using my phone, I took a bunch of pictures and while doing so inched my way ever closer. With each step I took, I thought surely this visitor would fly away at any second. The Flickers and Downey Woodpeckers would never have let me get as close as this Bird, which let me as near as an unbelievably close five feet! I am grateful to Divinity and this Bird for allowing me to be able to come so close, affording me the best pictures possible.

After the Bird left, deciding that I was finally too close, I then hurried inside, checked my books and (of course) didn’t find the Bird there. I knew though based on the shape of its beak, that it was certainly some kind of Grosbeak but I had to know which kind!

Turns out this amazing colored Bird is a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak adult male and these Birds spend their Summers here in Pennsylvania. The females and young Rose-breasteds look completely different than the adult male. Females look rather similar in coloring to Sparrows and the young males look a bit like Purple-chested Finches. Recently Updated5The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak male’s song is also quite remarkable and beautiful. 🙂  How cool is this?!

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak adult male beautiful call/song


p.s.  Wanted to find some correct pictures of the Female and Young Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. Over at www.Audubon.org, there are some good pictures and cool information, like for instance these Birds migrate at night and the Male may tend to fledglings in the nest as the Female goes off and makes another nest.


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