So I missed the live Safari Sunrise Ride, but I was able to catch a bit of it on rewind (thank you SafariLive channel, SuzHar and YouTube).  Note:  all the pictures in my blog entry here are from screen captures of the SafariLive YouTube channel with my deep thanks to them for all the good they do.

the SafariLive channel via YouTube

the wonderful SuzHar channel at YouTube


As per usual, listening along, I had some thoughts come rolling about in my little mind.  And, as per usual, my writing is far too long for Twitter, so hence my blog.  This particular blog entry is quite a departure from my usual style of basically ranting.  I shall though try to keep my writing brief.  Note: “try.”
Thank you, James Hendry  ( https://twitter.com/JamesRAHendry ). Very cool to learn there’s a kind of fluid in their wings that warms and helps stiffen the wings so they can fly.  🙂
tf 04172016 safarilive screen cap butterflies

African Hawk Eagle launching off to hunt, it’s Partner joining in from the other side.
tf 04172016 safarilive screen cap african hawk eagle

Thank you, James, for discussing that humans are indeed Animals; a point hopefully helpful with regards towards human animals’ better care for our Earth.  tf 04172016 safarilive screen cap cap james discussing human animals
I do think connectivity with the whole of all living beings tends to be lost especially for the multitude of “City” folks.  The SafariLive channel and the Park’s quite generous Ride-Alongs may be one of the few ways some folks may learn of the/our Animal Kin, the interconnected wholeness of Life on Earth, and the human animal’s place within it all.

I wonder what James, with his clearly excellent intelligence, might feel regarding a development, if it’s even truly possible, of some level of actual communication between human and non-human animal species?  I mean basic talk. Is it possible to achieve? Is it wise?  I’ll get more into that later on here.

Beautiful Kudu female and by her grazing rather than the expected exclusive browsing, showing that Mother Nature is ever a bit unpredictable.  🙂
tf 04172016 safarilive screen cap cap beautiful kudu female

An entire eco-system compliments of Termites.
tf 04172016 safarilive screen cap entire ecosystem compliments of termites

What does Tingana (the Leopard) think about all these human animals?  Maybe to Tingana, humans are a bit like a flock of noisy….
tf 04172016 safarilive screen cap tingana one

..and ultimately uninteresting birds?
tf 04172016 safarilive screen cap tingana two

Sending good thoughts along to you, Tingana, for your wounds to heal.
tf 04172016 safarilive screen cap tingana three

So, back to communication.  If we could communicate with the Animal Kin (yes, I hear the song from Dr. Doolittle in the background, too – chortle-) would this ability finally resolve out callousness towards Animal Kin from a number of human animals?

Unfortunately, I think probably not.  That conclusion stems from having observed (thankfully at a distance) that some human animals inherently are or have become basically broken mentally, and I have come to question whether they can be repaired. Sad to admit, in complete contrast to my far younger self which believed all in-need human animals could be saved, some human animals out there I have grown to basically give up on.

But for many of the human animals would cross-species communication be helpful?  Aside of the aspect of amusement, I would hope that such an ability would inspire and encourage greater care, compassion and respect of the/our Animal Kin and towards conservation of natural spaces for the/our Animal Kin.

I do still dream of a day where human animals and the/our Animal Kin, either wild or domesticated, find and enact the ways of successful cohabitation at the largest scales possible so that such a way of being becomes the norm.

Oh yes.  The title of my blog – iPods on Safari.

I understand the Park Guides’ frustration with a guest who opts to listen to whatever they’ve got on their iPod rather than the environment around themselves or the information being presented.

It is rather disrespectful and unkind to block out the Park Presenters.  They work hard to be both educational and entertaining, so of course being tuned out is rather a hurtful blow to anyone’s ego of such occupation.

However, is listening to music on Safari, at its proper, respectful and kind time, possibly a good thing?

Human animals tend to associate incredible amounts of emotional sentimentality to music, and they also can in the process create heavily imprinted memories.

As an example, many of my generation may quickly recognize this theme music:

Although seeming distraction by way of music will deprive a person from the full experiences on Safari, I wonder if whatever music a person might be listening to while on Safari would actually create a albeit different rather deep lasting memory of the place?

When the person returns home, they play that bit of music and, for a moment, are returned to an experience many will never have. Will a corresponding sentiment be born and from that might there be inspired care and respect for the/our Animal Kin and the/our Planet Mother Earth?

I guess that hope from my childhood still lingers on, that the human animal is capable of so much more good.


Cap’n Toni….


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