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One Fox, One Man, One All

tf 04122016 for RonRon and FoxAlbiAzul


“Cap’n” Toni~AyniaNightFishDjhrck~Fisher

(keep the words that help and let go the ones that don’t)

In the dusty fog through the cobwebs
A chance intersection of the spider’s strands
Random providence
One flickering light within a full universe
Willfully the gazes gather and cling
Crumbs of providence
For starving bellies
Driving their continuous return
This multicolor junction
The Sun shone
Through the water stone
Casting prisms of light
Against dull walls

Here was one Fox and one Man

Voices of mourning
An insufficient filling
In a moment of seeming separation
In time will appear the Sun

As eyes blink to see
The shifting wet clouds
Momentary shapes in the Sky
Touching the unholdable
Forms of providence

Patterns of bodies
Create recognition
Giving birth to memory
Granting the unformed its substance
Of skin and fur
Sight and warmth
Breathing providence

Belief makes the vapors whole
In a place of space
Raining tears
Clouds pass by
The uninterrupted All

Light will show mercy again
Reawakening from the seas of tears
Clouds unceasing temporary forms
Spirit is All
Shapes appear solid
Only for a time

Hands ache the heart’s break
In a wretched silence
Of cold fur

The heart continues its breathing
Keeping time with the pulse of everything
Creating, recreating, being
Forms dance as dance forms
And is unending providence
Magick of memory and love
Hold fast histories’ heat

A leaf on the spider’s web
Stuck for a moment
Until the Wind takes it
Back to the Earth
To rejoin the Soil
And be reborn again
All the leaves
All the trees
All one
Thrumming providence

Eternal clouds of vibrations
In this midst
A few seconds in the shifting skies
Within Forever’s music

Melodies converge to a symphony
Memory, one piece of All
Homage, one energy of All
No beginning, no end
Eternal rotating Circle
Webs, clouds, leaves

Precious beings
Little harbors along the shores
Of the mighty Sea
Inseparable providence.

Here is one Fox and one Man

Rest in peace, dear RonRon,
Bless your Spirit,
You have Blessed
The loving heart
With your being,
And Bless the good heart
That loves you.

Respectfully and heartfully given
‘An it harm none, Blessed be
“Cap’n” Toni~AyniaNightFishDjhrck~Fisher


4 thoughts on “Ode to Ron and FoxAlbiAzul

  1. Beautiful writing. Haunting and bittersweet. Bless the heart of the man left behind and bless the spirit of the precious companion fox. Thanks for sharing this piece.

    Liked by 1 person

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