tf fnd img beach bonfire 1126201511/26/2015

Though there might be scary bits

That test one’s strength and wits,

Always there’s some gift and Blessing,

Some light that is Soul sustaining.

The Sun’s warmth wanes,

Frost gathers on window panes,

The Moon shining full and bright,

Makes less frigid the cold night.

A prayer that All good living kind

Have soft hearth and peace of mind,

Harvest meal soothe the hungry belly,

And warm the Soul, heart and body.

For the Light you too are bringing,

For each precious Animal Kin’s being,

I give Thanks for each Blessing

Spirit in all its forms is sharing.


I wish and pray for all your Family and for you

Safekeeping, joy and peace,

All helpful Blessings and

A good, Happy Thanksgiving.


Cap’n Toni~AyniaNightFish with my Coco and Maya pups,

Marty and all the Birds, the Fishes,

in Spirit Miss Tess-ie pup and Denny-bird

of the lil Haus. . .

from the wonderful, gifted folks of JacquieLawson:



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