tf 111415 fnd img tall sail ship firing cannonMay all the Good Folk in Paris who were lost last night rest in peace and Bless their Spirits.

May all the Good Folks that were lost on the Russian Airliner rest in peace and Bless their Spirits.

May all the Good Folk who survived last night’s horror in Paris and all Good Folk who have been affected by these violences be shared Blessings of Healing, Hope and Strength.  Though it might not sometimes feel that way, the World is standing with you.  Despite that our individual words and sentiments might sound different, I believe Good Folk are All standing together.

May we, Good Folk, move forward with careful and effective motion to rid our World of the broken human animal monsters what did and do these terrible slaughters.

In my mind, chest and stomach is the quivering of sorrow and worry for us all.

I hear some folks out there saying things like, “No kidding that it was them. Who didn’t know that?!”

Well, of course, it’s not about what who we ~think~ might be the criminals, it is who is ~proved~ to be the criminals.  No matter how hurt, angry or scared we might feel (and, yes, I feel it, too) we cannot, in good conscience, knee-jerk jump to conclusions and start a campaign to wipe out a gang of humans if we are not absolutely certain of who the criminal(s) is(are).

If we acted without proof then we’d be just as bad and horrible as they are.  And, given a bit of thought, it’s not hard to see that’s exactly what the baddun’s (borrowed from English folk) want and are hoping for the rest of the world to do – to sink to their level of barbaric, brutal, hateful violence, destruction and killing.

We’re not going to sink to their level of indiscriminate destruction and kill.  No way.

Instead we are going to very carefully, surgically remove the nasty cancer that these criminals are.  It’s going to take time, to be sure, but bit by bit we, the world, will euthanize these broken human-animal monsters/criminals.

Unfortunately and to be honest, euthanizing them is basically the only option left to us because these broken animals are just too far gone to be healed.  They are completely drowned and lost in a single purpose of death; they are gone.

I don’t like having to conclude that of an animal, human nor any Animal.  I’d rather have hope that all beings can be saved.  But sometimes animals come down with a kind of rage syndrome and in the case of these broken human animal monsters, their syndrome affects so many.  In fact, their brokenness affects the whole World, all of us.

It’s not about politics at all.  It’s about survival.  All of our survival.

Finding and excising these monsters is going to be the trickiest part of this whole situation.  Just like chemotherapy, the ways will feel uncomfortable even nauseating for most everyone.  But really what else can be done?  Surely we’re not going to just lay down and die like those twisted, broken human animal monsters want.  And if we do not bring to bear every possible method that we can to excise that cancer, the end result is frighteningly obvious.

It is tragic that those broken monsters aren’t cure-able of their diseased minds.   For the sake of All Beings including ourselves and everything we hold dear, we actually don’t have much choice left to us but to euthanize these broken monsters.  It would not be a “death penalty” but an unfortunately necessary “death option.”

We have to pray (no matter what our individual religions might be) and have strong, determined hope and resolve that whatever means by which these monsters are rooted out and euthanized, those hard times of getting rid of those monsters won’t be forever.

We have to stand ready and be willing to help, even if and when it will feel uncomfortable upon our Freedom and Liberty to do so.  Difficult times won’t be forever.  We will prevail.  Good will prevail.  It has to.  It must.

For the sake of peace and freedom, for all of our children’s lives and our own, I send my prayers out.  I send prayers to all Good Folks who were lost, for every Good Folk hurt and harmed by the monsters.  I send prayers out for the protection of All us Good Folk.  I send my prayers out to all our Good Warriors/Military as our Needed Protectors, Bless your good hearts!

Take care out there, All, and Blessings…
Cap’n Toni….


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