Neverland Ranch; how is this a question?

I caught in the news recently that Michael’s 2700-acre Neverland Ranch was being put up for sale.  Of course this rang a note of sadness in my heart: another piece of the magic fading away.

I really don’t see another artist that could do all the things he did and especially not on such a global scale.  Regardless of how hard artists may work, today’s entertainment industry is too scattered.  There is no longer that kind of cohesion of audience that radio and television had and from which recording artists were launched into stardom.

In a way, the fragmentation that exists today makes  things a bit easier for many more artists to get into the industry without having to go through the pressure-cooker machine of yester-year.

But maybe, and I do hope, I’m wrong on that.  The question is, is our social media power of today capable of promoting and supporting a performing artist to such magnitude as was Michael Jackson?  Hmm.  I don’t know.  Maybe?

Back to the ranch though.  From what I have read, heard in interviews and seen on tape, starting in his own childhood one of Michael’s intents was to help children.  He donated countless amounts of money and made hundreds of visits to children’s hospitals, orphanages and schools all over the world.  Sometimes the donation dollars came very nearly directly from his performances.  From what I understand, he donated all the ticket sales from his global “Victory” tour to charity (ref: his book, “Moon Walk”).

Given that portion of his life-work, it seems obvious to me that Neverland Ranch should of course become a children’s healing center.  A place where children could heal through art, music, dance and just being. If you and I want to approach this from a belief in Spirits/Ghosts, I believe making his old ranch into such a place of healing would have probably made him very happy.

It seems so very obvious.  What puzzles me is why it hasn’t already been done?   It’s not like you and I are the only ones who know of his philanthropic works.  So what’s the deal, right?  How come Neverland Ranch isn’t already a healing center for children?

Even for those who feel the allegations made against him were true (which myself, personally, do not feel those were true at all), it should make even more sense the ranch should be a center for healing.  Again, it all seems poignantly obvious to my eyes.
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The problem, I believe, is quite sadly and of course the lack of the captain at the helm.  Without Michael steering that ship, it’s beginning very slowly to sink.  (I know, it brings tears to my eyes, too.)  I mean, that is unless some other folks in the industry step up and so far I’ve not seen that happening.  Have you?

I wish, truly wish, I had the money to buy Neverland Ranch because I would, in his honor and memory, get it made into a children’s healing center.  In a heartbeat!

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, eh?  Maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there of means who will take on Neverland Ranch and continue the Spirit of healing?


Cap’n Toni….


4 thoughts on “Neverland Ranch; how is this a question?

  1. Toni: Your blog raises a question that has been in my own mind for a very long time. However, having been a Jackson fan for over 40 yrs, and given how the media mistreated him, to me it is entirely UNSURPRISING that Neverland has at least until our similar thoughts it seems never seriously considered for such to benefit children.

    The main problem I believe is thanks to the media’s negligence and lack of discipline regarding Jackson, they (the media) have painted such an awful picture of Neverland that a truly serious buyer will think twice before actually purchasing the property due to its “poor reputation” and media stigmatization from bad press and the infamous 2005 court trial of Jackson– even though he was acquitted and found NOT guilty on ALL counts.

    Like you, however, I would love to see a children’s center, hospital, or the like placed there but it seems extremely unlikely. 😦

    In fact, again thanks to the misbehaved media, I believe Neverland to be a very hard sell– IF it sells at all.

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  2. Thank you, Lisa, for your words, support and guidance. You’ve, probably accidentally I imagine, inspired me to write a bit; this comment then could be more a blog entry in of itself. 🙂

    It is a good thing absolutely that there should be some kind of calmness in the amazing continuing storms of his audience. It’s a testament in a way to the enduring energy that the human animal can bring to bear; that when they do “love,” they can do so quite deeply and with an apparent willingness to continue that love regardless of life, death, time or distance. It’s rather amazing actually. Also, just to let it be said, I am no exception from the rest in this aspect of endurance. In fact today (July 5th) is the memorial day of my Mouse (Mother) – may she rest in peace – passing, and I will miss her and my Grandmother forever.

    One of the aspects of Michael that’s interesting to me personally is that while he was alive, honestly, I paid him not very much mind. It wasn’t until very recently (years after his passing away) that I began to learn of the man. In this course, I’ve listened to so much more music of his than I had before. Honestly, I had no idea he had so many songs and each one of the productions can be heard to have been brought to his exacting perfectionism.

    I cannot explain what portion of his essence was (is?) so gravitating and capturing, but it’s rather clearly there.

    Speaking of essence though brings me to a concern with regards to these “tribute” concerts which are leveraging holographic technology to “bring him back to life,” as it were.

    I suspect that these concerts are in a way part of the grieving/mourning process (although those of economic thoughts undoubtedly have other gains in their minds – in fact his estate, since his demise, has indeed been extraordinarily profitable). Given the reach of the man, it makes some sense that the grieving/mourning process would be rather expansive and long in duration.

    Now myself being a little bit of a mystic, I tend to view reality from a bit more of a Spirit perspective first and the mundane perspective thereafter. From that mystic perspective, one concern I have is the matter of his Spirit being able to rest in peace. I have the same sort of feeling towards Jesus (another beautiful being who meant well) and my family; that when their bodies do cease, that their Spirits may rest in peace.

    Michael’s passing-over situation, all things considered, of course was different. I do believe he had no idea at all he was going to die. Which raises an uncomfortable notion that he – staying with the concept of Spirit for just a moment longer – may not be resting in peace. That in a quite cruel way, the “industry” stole even the matter of peaceful rest, as they did in his life are also doing against his Spirit.

    Returning to the somewhat more mundane aspect, this matter of holographic presentation of him raises some worry in my mind.

    My concern is from an ethical standpoint. Holographic technology can put a performer into a production without them being present and without their consent, especially if that person is deceased (since we’ve not yet figured out *if* or how one might actually talk with deceased individuals in order to obtain their consent).

    Holographic technology could and can place a performer into a production that in “real life” they might not have ever wanted to be a part of, might not have believed in or felt good about.

    It is that power of placement where holographic technology stands distinctly and rather scarily apart from videos a performer had actually made in the course of their physical lifetime.

    Once more Michael, in his essence, is caught in the intense crosshairs between what his audience longs for, his appreciation and giving to them (historically and perhaps also in Spirit), and commercial forces which could become intrinsically harmful (potentially inadvertently encouraging his audience to perpetuate a state of sorrow and never letting go) or at the very least commercially manipulative.

    And those are my thoughts, for the moment, on that. I apologize for this bit of my rambling and I thank you again for your willingness to have read and place a ‘like’ (something that ever surprises me when folks do) upon my original writing. Thank you.

    Cap’n Toni…..


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