A Brave sort of New World of Economy

So this afternoon I was listening to my usual favorite radio station, NPR on WITF.  This particular program was discussing ways some online venues like media outlets and blogs make money – ad supported content.  I’m not a very big fan of this although, yes, it is one way to make a buck.

I’m hopeful though for a different, brave world of economy.  Something I call “supportive consumerism.”

True, it’s certainly not a new concept, but it’s too small. It needs grown larger than it is. I mean, really large. Like Home/Homo Depot large.

Generally the thought of “Corporate America” (CorAmer) inspires a bit of nausea in my belly, but maybe there’s some hope for CorAmer.

Let’s say Posey County Indiana Animal Control discovers about a hundred dogs in a quite deplorable situation, some of the Dog Kin perished and the others in poor shape.  In fact this did happen just this last week.


Already businesses and folks all over are jumping into the supportive pool.

Now, using this situation as an example, let’s say the question is what to do with so many dogs at one time when resources like shelters are at that particular moment non-existent?  Answer: build more shelters, quick.

Let’s further say Hero Shelter Builders steps up and builds these shelters at either a greatly reduced cost or just about free.  And they get all their supplies from Home/Homo Depot, who in turn also offers the materials at  greatly reduced prices.

Couldn’t we then feel pretty good in the old Soul pocket the next time we part with a few coins at Home/Homo Depot?

Another example.  Let’s say Taylor Swift decides to help fund-raise for this emergency Dog Kin shelter and holds a concert to do so.  Oh yeah, tickets would fly out the door, eh!  Of course they would.

I do see some CorAmer companies stepping up and helping for the greater good and sometimes at a steep cost to their own profits.  It warms this old Boi’s heart.

Granted, perhaps at the end of the day, their motives are a shade economically inclined.  I take a look at that brand new shelter (in this example) and all those Dog Kin being provided for and safe, on their way to healing.  I find I care a bit less about CorAmer’s profit goals and more about the results.

Also, it is true that profits are necessary.  While increasing some of these CorAmer Execs’ rather bloated salaries isn’t appealing, profits is also ultimately where paychecks come from.

If CorAmer is made to understand that consumertf 06092015 fnd img of coins chest compasss want to buy perhaps only from those companies that actively and directly support the greater good, especially for example Animal Kin who are utterly dependent upon us human animals, I think CorAmer would jump on that band wagon.

Supportive Consumerism on a majority scale.  In fact so large a scale that it might grow to be a significant and permanent part of the national gross domestic product.  I know, big dream; but if one is going to dream, dream big, eh!


Cap’n Toni…


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