Smoking Freedom – rant/vent

By now, I see smoking as my determination to and declaration of freedom.

I’ve written about this before and though I dislike repeating myself, still every time I hear another radio program talking about some company strong-arming its way into people’s private lives, ripping freedom apart, it sets my blood simmering with rage.

Monetary penalties deviously called “incentives” (e.g.., health insurance programs) become like choke collars slowly strangling freedom, personal choice and liberty to death.

Every puff I take now is one of my determined stands for freedom, smoking for as long as I can. Dammit.

Isn’t the demolition of freedom at least a little embarrassing if not downright infuriating when this country is named “the land of the free?”

A company that invades people’s lives outside of the work-hours is more akin to a slave-holder because there’s no compensation for all those extra hours, all that life and living they trespass upon.

The invasiveness isn’t limited to just smoking.  These programs include demands on, for example, body-mass-index.  So freedom of choice on food is also being slowly killed off.

These invasions and oppressions under a pretense of care are in reality only acts of financial interests.  One rather effective, alternative way to reduce the costs of “health care,” is to get rid of all the top executives in the insurance companies that rake in six or more digit annual salaries.

Oppression causes a stress all its own and eventually that stress can build to such extreme toxic pressure that it simply explodes.  Who will be penalized for stress-related illnesses?  The same folks whose freedoms were extorted and wrenched away.  Society eventually runs out of patience and tolerance, and breaks out in protests and riots.

In the meatime, the drug industry will “offer” folks their  addictive chemicals to cope with stress, anxiety, strain, life.  A short course of anti-depressants/anti-anxiety psychotropics can show just how controlling, life-consuming and therefore basically addictive those drugs can be.

It’s also downright deceptive strong-arming people into quitting smoking with the allusion that by quitting one is therefore assured some higher quality of health or increased longevity of years of life.

For some health professionals, smoking is used an easy out.  If one is a smoker then any illness that befalls that person is assumed caused by smoking and consideration of other potential causes is summarily dismissed without a second thought.

Yet, I’ve known folks who came down with and died from lung cancer who never smoked a day in their lives.  They did all the things the medical regime dictates – eat certain foods, don’t drink, don’t smoke, do certain exercises, do the medical “check ups.” Still, after a short few horrible months, they died, at forty-five years of age, of an incurable, rare lung cancer previously found only in pre-menstrual females.  And this particular cancer had no relationship to smoking whatsoever according to Hopkins Hospital where she died.

To the other side of the coin, my Mother – may she rest in peace – smoked tobacco about sixty years of her life.  At each of the insurance-required check-ups, the doctors wasted a lot of time and effort trying to find anything they could to show a reason for her to quit smoking.  Instead, much to their consternation and aggravation, and amusement to my Mother, they found her system was fine, not compromised in any way from smoking.

To reassure, this writing isn’t to encourage smoking.  Instead it is to encourage standing up for, protecting and preserving freedom.  One way to do that is exercising, while it still exists, consumer freedom.  For example, I do not and will not ever again buy anything from the Scotts (fertilizer) company because of their severe invasive practices against their employees.

I’m also a firm believer in responsible smoking.  If there can be responsible drinking, there certainly can be responsible smoking.  As simple as asking before lighting up, and expecting and respecting when someone inclines their preference against smoking.

Statue of Liberty broken shackles

Statue of Liberty broken shackles

Ultimately my bit of rant here is a hope and act towards protecting and preserving freedom and liberty.  It is also to express my gratitude to all folk working hard on this front.


Cap’n Toni….


4 thoughts on “Smoking Freedom – rant/vent

  1. As disgusting and tasteless as most folks would find it, I too, smoke. I enjoy it and don’t intend on giving it up until if/when I choose to. I pay for it. I do it responsibly and courteously (I do not smoke indoors and do not smoke around non-smokers and children). It is a simple pleasure that I enjoy. It’s my vice and bad habit and I own my decision to partake in it and whatever health consequences may manifest. I’m going to die someday as we all will, what few vices I have makes it enjoyable on my journey to the end. 😉

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