So while I was waiting for Lucille, my Jeep, to get looked at (she had an issue with the driver’s side brakes), I was reading “The American Indian” by Arrell Morgan Gibson, thinking and wrote this next part on my steno-pad.  It’s a short entry and no graphics/pictures on this one; just transcribed as I wrote it on my steno-pad.


How vast and varied these lands were once upon a time.  Taking into consideration that primary goods of trade and indeed the majority of the foundation of commerce then was fur of the Animal Kin, these lands must have been utterly flush with wild life.  It is jarring to look out now and see how much has been trampled down by the various Europeans and the acclimated aboriginal Indians.  I am reminded again of the tragedy that is the human animal as a species among the Animal Kingdom.  For these human animals, while born with extraordinary intellect, the ability of foresight, analysis, planning to the benefit of their continued survival, yet too little and too infrequent is their intellect applied to the world beyond themselves (the view being of the largest number of human animals).  As near as four hundred years ago, this area was full of wildlife: bear, badger, muskrat, weasel, cougar, wolves, elk and on.  The land is made less for their absence.  The contemporary human, for all its acclaimed intellect, appear still to be essentially insufficient towards successful cohabitation with Animal Kin beyond themselves and their self interests.  Again I see the human animal as completely capable of so much more than they appear willing to do, in the largest portion of their population.


Cap’n Toni….


2 thoughts on “reading “The American Indian” and thinking…

  1. Very thought provoking! Good luck with Lucille, I just got back from getting my baby, Belle, fixed. She had a broken engine coil. . .or something like that. Cheers.

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