Recently I came across a short film that I feel is exceptionally important.  While the core message of this video is certainly needed, still the production has depth beyond the visceral that at first experience could be missed rather ironically because of those very emotional reactions helpful to the cause.

When I first watched this short film it felt quite triggering for me.  The haunts born in my childhood immediately resurfaced as the tears fell from my eyes.  Suddenly I was that small child again, confused, shuttled about, overwhelmed, feeling lost and many times feeling unloved and unwanted.  The film’s affect is definitely poignant and deep.

At the end of the film, coping with my triggered memories and emotions, my first thought was, “That’s about right.”  The thought repeated a few times with my usual subsequent pondering; “Yes, but why is it right?”  And so was born this particular blog.

The child shown in the film, though perhaps chronologically only slightly older than a dog’s emotional level, represents very well dogs’ general emotional intellect.  The folks of DeadLens appear to have really done their homework in crafting this excellent film.

There are a number of science journals out there that offer up some understanding on just how old dogs are mentally, as compared to the emotional intellect of the human animal, and what Dog Kin feel.

The waters of such studies are deeper than I can swim.  While the means by which some of these data were collected does cause me to cringe a bit, still I’m very grateful for the many scientists out there that have done these volumes of work.  Without their determined work there would be nothing better than best guesses on an Animal Kin held quite near and dear.


As much as the film is a touching call to awareness and action, it’s a great and rather accurate representation of the emotional intellect Dog Kin possess and the impact we human animals can have upon them.

For those of us who feel great love of Dog Kin, tender hugs upon our canine companions are certain to follow after seeing this film.

It’s interesting that those of us who do have love for Dog and Animal Kin are likely the ones to see this film probably several times over.  Though certainly appreciating of the film’s touching content and context, we who are so inclined probably don’t really “need” this film as we basically already knew what the film presents even if we knew it from a more or less subjective point of view.   But I think it’s important that everyone see this film at least once, regardless of their emotional disposition towards Dog and Animal Kin.

I extend my respect, admiration and gratitude to the production team of DeadLens and the actors, and to all the many folks who have helped develop scientific, objective knowledge.  And I am particularly and deeply grateful for the Blessing Divinity has shared in the form of our precious Dog Kin and all the Animal Kin.

As well as being artistically quite well done, the film is significantly helpful and educationally important.

Cap’n Toni….


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