tf 03292015 fnd img boat candles on waterTo the survivors and now Spirits of march 24 2015 crash

[written while listening to Adele’s Skyfall

When the funeral clothes have dropped
And the screaming resumes.
Our screams to their screams.

When the enemy has exploded itself,
Taken our hearts with that fire,
In our throats tears burn on.

Debris that rained down the mountain,
Their wholeness in shattered pieces.

Survivors standing together against that foe.
But when hands want to claw
The beast apart and there is none,
An angry ache courses the frame,
Glazing over sorrow and fear,
Drop by drop,
Until all that remains
Is howling pain
And rage.

When will peace return
To that unhealable
Gashed wound
That is this wretched loss?

Numb, stiff limbs move the body,
Breath like dead air in the
Empty, blackened canyon.
The self shrouded over
With the suffocating drapes of loss.

Clinging to half-burned cloth,
One hundred and forty-nine pieces,
As a remembrance.

They exist still,
Now without physical frame.
And it’s up to the survivor
To keep them whole
And remembered,
And honored,
And loved.

The rage rumbles up,
Earthquakes of agony.
In that fury declare
To be no likeness of that beast.
For they who are lost will grieve.
Though their ends too soon,
Be not their peaceful rest deprived.

Bless your Spirit, Captain Patrick Sondheimer,
Never ceasing for one moment
Fighting to very bitter last
You fought for them
You fought for us
You died a hero.
You stand now in the League
Of our Heros.
You serve now as the Light
The guides your Kin.

Rest in peace, All who were lost,
Rest in peace.
Spirits be free,
Spirits be in Light,
‘An it harm none
Be this done
And be it


boat image: https://sojournercafe.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/jdb_india_091106_00311.jpg

“Captain Patrick Sondheimer. That’s the pilot’s name you want to remember.”
[by the]  Mamamia Team
Read more at  http://www.mamamia.com.au/lifestyle/patrick-sondheimer/#W4B4LqdhbIYOHAVQ.99

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