Rambling about comments…

Even though I might have a thought or two to share, I tend to hesitate writing upon these sections beneath news or comedic versions on news (like can be found on YouTube, etc.). For me, it’s something of a “love and hate” matter.

To begin with, there’s no way to keep the conversation on track, let alone moving in some positive, productive fashion. Instead the area often becomes basically a field of venting and verbal assaults.

Every now and then there might be some poor individual who attempts to keep the chatter steered on topic. This well-intentioned attempt often seems only to ignite even more digression, although this time aimed at the poor, well-intended sap.  And I surely would not want to be that poor sap, although I have on occasion been that poor sap.

And of course there’s almost always one writer in the assembly that knows everything there is to know about everything, and declares everyone else idiots, igniting yet another war of sorts.

The hate-chatter of these comments sections seem to be used as a kind of  therapeutic place to spew out these thoughts born from pent up frustrations collected over the course of a lifetime.

Or, to the other side of  the same coin, there might be these sometimes tiresome, banal proclamations of deep amore for some individual on the particular story/production/show.

And then, underlying these verbal out-pourings, is an apparent belief by the commenters (not all but many) that the makers of that bit of video will actually read theirs or any of the comments, let alone respond.

Well, my annoyed cynicism aside, these comments sections do seem to carry some actual positive value.  Perhaps the gain is that bit of cathartic release, perhaps buoyed a bit with that dose of suspended disbelief that their words will be heard and reacted to by the show/segment/etc. producers; and, to be honest, sometimes they actually do respond.

Here again is another of the genetic codes of the human animal shown.  It is designed to be a social animal and with that can come a burning desire to communicate, to be heard and to be responded to.  Which of course is the creation-point of blogs, vlogs, and social media in general.

Perhaps my hesitancy to add my voice to the choir, as it were, is my overall lack of confidence in my words. Certainly I don’t know all there is to know about anything at all, so then I second-guess myself, questioning what place do I have to add my own little comment?  If I were to fashion an armor constructed of facts and such, just to protect myself from those that strive to be hurtful, do I actually really have enough energy and time to do that much preparatory volumes of research?  And by the time I’ve got the research done, it’ll be years after the last commenter posted their thoughts;  I’ll have missed the train by quite a lot.

Actually, I don’t believe I would want to know all there is to know because that probably would not leave room for anything new.  Of course some would argue that if one knew all there was to know, there’d be no need to learn anything new because it would have all been learned.

Maybe comments are a bit like dancing.  It might feel silly and pointless to even try dancing, especially in front of an audience.  Then someone starts the music, gets up and puts their dance moves out there.  The rhythm of the music fills the space and whether sitting or up on one’s feet, dancing happens.


Cap’n Toni….


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