Oh dear Freedom how I love you

tf 01132015 tall sailing ship sinking in storm(Note: This is a rant.  Just heard the news earlier this evening, and I have to get this off my mind or my head’s going to explode.)

per Dictionary. Reference. com, definition of       Extortion:   1. an act or instance of extorting. ;   2. Law. the crime of obtaining money or some   other thing of value by the abuse of one’s office  or authority. ;  3. oppressive or illegal exaction,  as of excessive price or interest:

Extortion, that’s what’s happening today with regards to freedom of choice.


Not only is the saying true that “freedom is not free,”  today some (I’m hoping not all) insurance companies extort huge lumps of cash if one chooses freedom.

If you don’t want to be *forced* by way of excessively high premiums (aka penalties), then you have no freedom in the matter.  You have to submit to glucose testing, body mass tests, and whatever tests the insurance extortioners demand of you.

A lot of folks understand that the medical system in this country is in rotten shape over all.  People are getting shuffled from this ineffective and expensive medical service provider (which apparently isn’t providing anything except referrals) to the next, still not getting help, enduring expensive tests which most of the time come back inconclusive (meaning useless), still getting no help or relief, and getting charged huge bills.

The latest twist by the insurance companies to circumvent the law which does not permit discrimination or extortion based on health, is to raise the rates for an entire company and *then* offer discounts and cash incentives to effectively abandon freedom of choice.   And *still* people will not get the medical help and relief they need, will *still* get shuttled from one medical service provider to the next provider, and *still* getting hammered except these bills are even larger.

Here’s how it goes.

The insurance company is charging your employer, which then comes down to you, a huge monthly rate and then bribes your employer with say cutting the costs in half *if* everyone in that company adheres to *their* demands.

Does it sound like extortion yet?

Okay, let’s try it this way.

Like beer?  Too bad.  Your employer and then therefore you are being extorted to give up beer altogether in order to get that mega-dollar “incentive.”

Like to eat?  Too bad.  Ultimately the insurance company will tell you what to eat (even GMO foods, if *they* feel like it aka if they profit from it), how much to eat, when to eat, and force you into testing to make sure you follow *their* oppressive rules.  So, say good-bye to things like chocolate or ice cream or pizza or whatever food you like *when* dictator insurance grounds you.

Don’t feel like being a hamster in a running wheel?  Aww.  Too bad.  The insurance company will demand forms of exercise whether you like it or not, will control your every move, your every consumption, your every act, take any choice away from you that does not directly profit them.

Like riding your motorcycle?  Yup, you guessed it.  Too bad.

Isn’t that abuse of power?  Isn’t that extortion?

There’s no actual helping people in need.  Insurance companies doing this extortion are only focused on helping themselves to money, and do not care what you have to go through for them to get it, they care only that they don’t have to put out any money to actually care for you, me or anyone else.

If any of us actually might need medical help and care, it’s only a hateful expense to them.  Providing anyone with medical services is something they do not want to do because it is not profitable to them.  They are going to do whatever it takes to suck money out, ignoring things like freedom of individual choice, liberties, privacy, etc., etc. including providing those medical services we’re supposedly paying for.

One scary problem is people are going to give in to these insurance companies’ extortion demands.  They, business owners and employees alike are going to feel like they have no choice in the matter.  These insurance companies are deliberately making things so horribly expensive and shoving these “incentives” down everyone’s throats, manipulating people into giving up all of their freedom in order to for them to have their profits.

If your version of “quality of life” doesn’t agree with their extortion posture (which they will change depending on their profit margin), best pray you never need any medical help.

Maybe we can come up with a waiver of some kind, that provides only palliative (comfort) care?  Maybe we can invest more into walk-in clinics?  Maybe when we get sick we won’t seek out medical help at all?  Maybe dangerous, secret, back-alley medicine will come back?  Or maybe it already is?


Cap’n Toni…


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