Funny how things work out

Now and then I like to indulge the mystic side of my mind, and this is one of those times.

Last Fall I made an appointment for a tree-branch trimmer to come trim back some branches that are over-hanging the wires going to the Haus.

It was every bit of a month before the guy was able to get to the Haus and that was just for the estimate. I’d not been a pest and I’m pretty sure he cut me a very nice deal because I’d not been impatiently bugging him. Let’s just say the estimate he gave was the lowest of the several estimates I’d already gotten. These branches are every bit forty feet tall that will need a bucket-lift to get trimmed some twenty feet down. A hundred bucks to do that is, these days, almost giving the job away for free.

So that was last Fall. Then October came and went. November same. December same. Job’s not done. I restrained myself and didn’t pester him overly much, an email here and there just to make sure I hadn’t been forgotten.

This last week I started thinking of course about the coming Spring and how I want to add to my Coco and Maya’s Pups Playland (aka the yard). Because the property is not large, I came at the project like my Mouse (Mother – may she rest in peace) was often fond of saying, “If you can’t expand sideways, Manhattan-ize; build up!” So, I decided I’m going to create a tunnel where the top will be a kind of addition of land for the pups to run over top of or through the tunnel.

Then I got a bit stuck on what exactly would I use to make the tunnel with. Several ideas came to me: PVC frame, window-well retaining wall, concrete cinder blocks. None of those ideas felt quite right. Then the idea of using branches came to me. It would look more natural, which I prefer but where would I find branches to use?


The tree branches! Of course!

Quickly I threw out an email to the trimmer guy, could he please leave the branches for me (instead of putting the branches into the shredder, which is the way they usually do these things). It was maybe an hour or so and he wrote back, ‘Will do. We should be out next week.’ That was the first time since the estimate appointment that he made an actual time commitment.

Yup, isn’t it funny how things work out. 🙂

In a way, this brought my mind to reflect on my last relationship, or as I refer to it, “marriage,” regardless of whatever legal acknowledgements.

It doesn’t matter who did or who did not do this, that or the other. The marriage came to the end that it was supposed to come to. Actually, the eleven or so years marriage had run at least a couple of years longer than its end-point. Naturally it’s hard to call a relationship over and everyone tends to drag their feet, push away the obvious, and take a long swim in the river of denial. And of course it’s generally only in hindsight that such things are realized, eh?

Antique Ships Lantern

Antique Ships Lantern

Time does heal. I think sometimes it’s assumed though that by time healing hurts it means the hurts just simply vanish. It doesn’t work that way and actually it shouldn’t. If there was not pain in loss, then there probably was not much value in the thing in the first place. Certainly it could be nice to be able to live and learn without pain, but it appears just simply part of the human animal to learn some things from hurt.

The past hurts, day by day, gradually become less painful. The wounds eventually become scars, become a part of the tapestry of a life. And hopefully there comes that time where a sufficient amount has been learned, releasing that need to keep hurting ourselves.   We might set our experiences like a little lamp, shining a light of a bit more wisdom upon the path ahead.

Hmm. 🙂

Cap’n Toni….


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