My Human Ethos series:  What’s the Point?

What’s the point of my having written all this?   I believe all schools and places of learning, from elementary onward, should have at least courses in Anthrozoology;  the study of Non-Human Animals and Human Animals.

The human animal has had and too often still does have a tendency to get caught up in itself, creatively convincing itself that the attributes possessed within itself are separately unique.   From its egocentricity, the human animal still considers many matters such as time, navigation, politics, transportation and more to be constructions uniquely its own.

Non-human Animal Kin rely on their built-in clocks and Nature around them for their time-keeping.  Navigation is achieved by marks of land and sky, weather and instincts.  Each pack, herd and colony have their own politics.  And as for transportation, there are so many that an entire book could be devoted to this subject alone.

The human animal considers itself unique by the same cause as other animals – its singular existence.  It is pre-occupied and directed most often by its singular point of view by virtue of its being alive.  Even though the matter of becoming and staying alive is rather a group matter, being alive is a singular, direct and intimate thing, after all.   The human animal is a pack animal and as such regards first its own kind and those that appear to be most similar to itself, holding as separate and/or above other species of animals not of its own kind.

But the evolved, complex brain of the human animal has the ability to see beyond itself, to consider matters beyond its own existence and survival.  While it has the abilities, it doesn’t necessarily choose to use those abilities.  I believe that is mostly to do with culture.

What if the modern human animal en masse chose to begin its education from the earliest point forward to include understanding and acting from that place of understanding with respect that all life on this planet is Terran and interconnected?  All is part of each other, and each other is a part of all, and each is necessary to the whole.

As the Lakota say, “Mitakuye Oyasin,” ‘All are related,’ and, better yet, ‘All are my relations.’

I wonder what would happen and what the world would be like if the majority of children the world over were raised with the understanding of Mitakuye Oyasin?

I know it’s more just the idealistic dreamer in me that hopes for an entire world population of human animals sharing this Terran concept, to the benefit of all Animal Kin, Organisms and Human-Animals.   If it could happen, wouldn’t there possibly be less acts of brutality and war?  Would there be greater peace and  harmony, and survival for all species of Terra?  It is possible, isn’t it?  Are we on our way to transforming the concept from fantasy to reality?


Cap’n Toni….





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