Human Ethos:  the Human Animal

started 09/19/2014; working on series 10/06/2014

Most of my life I’ve regarded the human in the phrase the “human animal.”  It is my way of acknowledging and asserting the animal aspect of the species.  The human animal seems so often to want to disregard and dismiss its animal being, which tends to leave me feeling irritated.  So this is me exploring and writing about how the human animal is, after all, just another animal.

The human animal generally considers itself as unique from the rest of the Animal Kingdom; of course, it is not.  At the end of the day, no matter the shape, size, age, essence, all beings that live on this Earth are Terran, as much born from it as a part of it.

Yet ironically, the human animal’s sense of uniqueness and separateness is I believe also a part of its natural, shared animal essence.  But first to explore how the human animal is as animal as any other.



Cap’n Toni…


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