The Paling Goddess
September 15th 2014

I see Her maybe once or twice a year.

She wears a simple dress of vanilla white cotton.
I can see the curves of her body
As the sun shines behind her,
Through her plain, long gown.

She is making her way barefoot
Up from the beach.
The fragrances of warm sun and cool water
Glide intoxicatingly ahead of her.

She is young, barely become a woman.
Her smile is still that of a child’s
Though she now carries a child herself
Within her soft warm belly;
Just a slight bit of rounding,
Easy to miss, but I know it’s there.

Culture makes me shake my head with concern;
Nature assures me all is as it should be,
Regardless of me,
So I may as well keep up.

I note how the sun is not so hot this evening;
That’s when she comes around.

She doesn’t stop to say hello
or pause to sit with me a moment;
Though I wish she would, I know she won’t.
I respect that her time is brief;
Silently she reminds me, mine is too.

The evenings are a bit cooler now,
Just enough to warrant long sleeves.

As she passes near, I see her smiling eyes.
Her mind is full of happy memories of Summer;
Mine is too.

Just before she passes me completely,
Her hand absently glides along my arm.
My breath draws in as my heart instantly smiles.

I close my eyes for just a moment,
Just a slightly prolonged blink really.
Of course when my eyes glide open again,
She’s gone.

I look back to the sun that’s nearly set now.
I can still see her playing on the beach,
Still hear her laughing or singing to herself.
I sigh thinking how quickly she grows up.

From behind me, cool breezes trace
Through the trees.
A small chill runs along my arms.

Memories from every where dart through my mind.
I nod and the memories slowly fade
Like the setting sun.

I gather up the firewood
That I will take to her earthen home
Which she has entrusted to me to know
Her secret, sacred space.

I will place the wood outside her door
Alongside food I collected for her
That I pray will be enough to sustain
Her and her unborn child.

One more time I look at the beach
Just a little bit sad.
The shadows appear more quickly now,
Longer now.
With a resigned grin, I nod;
She’ll let me know….


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