Obama’s speech re war last night


I listened to some of Obama’s speech last night.  Immediately I had the sinking feeling of worry and pointlessness.

Maybe it is because I am a little bit older and maybe because I’ve heard similar words spoken over the years by various presidents; these reactions and intentions as it relates to war against or with other countries.   I understand people mean well and want some kind of meaningful, effective reaction and solution, especially spurred on by the latest beheadings.  I’m no different in that I want peace, too.

One of the challenges with war is, well, winning.  The trick of course to winning a war is to successfully leverage against and gain whatever the enemy covets and negotiate towards peace from there:  be those leverages cash, ammunition, weapons, food, water, peace, physical life.

What happens however when there are powers-that-be that are so masochistically (one imagines they must experience some kind of self-satisfying) cunning as to craft human animals to not value any of the things that are useful to negotiating towards peace?

Long time ago, back in the Bush days, when we were supposedly looking for “weapons of mass destruction,” I remember yelling at the T.V., “The weapons of mass destruction are the people there!  The people who have been lied to and every sense of valuing peace ripped out of them.”

Of course I would imagine that our military intelligence here and our good warriors on the ground over there certainly knew and know the same thing.  Bombs, just like guns, in of themselves don’t really do anything; it’s humans that wield these tools and affect harm with their use.

The powers-that-be over there have created automatons of destruction that  hold nothing in value.  These automatons are raped of any value system that would be in the realm of peace and harmony, and left with only the desire to destroy and kill.   Even their own death is made meaningless to them.

The question that has loomed from the beginning of dealing with wantonly destructive individuals  is how does one affect a winning strategy against such killing machines?   I imagine the crafters of those human animals twisted into being killing automatons had precisely and perversely contemplated the same when they first set out to create forces of destruction.

They had to rip away anything that had any positive value until there’s nothing left to leverage with.  In the powers-that-be minds this I imagine equates to a kind of invincibility.

For example, ones who have no physical structures called homes nor any appreciation of such things, would hardly be impressed or affected by threats of or actual destructions of homes.

Even if the current group of individuals/automatons over there get tired of war and want to live in peace, the orchestrators know how to keep the assembly line going to keep on producing human killing machines; they twist and force the females to create more automatons of destruction.

This all begins to sound like some sort of twisted, dark science-fiction fantasy;  except, it’s real.

It is true what they say that there is little more dangerous an animal than a human what has nothing left to lose.

Negotiating or even leveraging for peace with individuals who hold no value in peace or that which may be because of peace is, at the end of the day, pointless after all.

Peace among humans doesn’t just happen; it is made to happen.  And sometimes apparently there must be war and death against those who actively despise peace, in order to establish peace.

As a person who cherishes peace (and freedom) such conclusion is indeed at best unsettling.



Cap’n Toni…


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