Today was just another one of those days where my mind was awash in this stressed, anxious, angry, frenzy-energy.  When this mind-state comes around, I do a lot of praying to help me get through it.  I do get through it, though initially it is with great difficulty.

Each time it comes around, I believe Divinity shares with me a different Blessing to help me get through it and keeping me safe from falling into some dark destructiveness.

Today’s Blessing came in the form of a visual and whether it be accurate, correct, or otherwise is not relevant to the feeling-energy that came along with it.  It was and in this moment still is a sweeping, rising, warm, filling feeling of just sweet calm.

It is entitled, “In the next lifetime, when I am again a male.”

In the next lifetime, when I am again a male, a born, regular male, I will hold her softly in my arms.  Sunday mornings will be our special, sacred times and where-ever we lay will be our sacred church.  It will be a moment and place of utter safeness for her and I both.  We will be there together, unclothed, un-sexual, just being.  I will ask her if she would like me to brush her hair.  She will say ‘yes.’   On our soft, warm bed, she will sit in front of me and I will gently brush her beautiful, long, soft brown hair.  Eventually she will lean back and rest against my chest, her warm, soft skin resting against my body.  I will breathe in her sweet essence and listen to the rhythm of her breathing, with gratefulness for the warm, beautiful, loving, wise, strong being she is.

In the next lifetime, when I am again male.

Cap’n Toni…


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