E-cigs and The Case of Asshole’ism and Hypocrisy


I saw this coming a mile away.  Over the past few days in the news I’ve been hearing what I long ago cringed would happen:  there are new bans emerging specifically against e-smokes or vapes.

When they first came out with e-cigs, I sent a silent prayer, “Folks, just don’t flaunt it!”  Oh, but I knew they would and what would happen next.

It’s not about health.  And nearly every single time I’ve ever heard some upper echelon growl at me, “it’s not good for you,” alluding to possess some kind of care of my health, this proves it’s bull-crap.

The ban against e-smokes/vapes comes almost certainly as a result of flaunting. It’s asshole’ism and reactive asshole’ism.

A small group comes off as assholes, flaunting what they got in front of those who don’t partake of the same.  The other side then is invoked to become likewise assholes and react in opposition.

As a Lesbian, artist, Wiccan, creative, free-thinker, I sympathize deeply with suffering oppression and achingly yearning to celebrate any measure of freedom from the suffocating yoke of an oppressor.

But one would think that folks would have learned something on the childhood playgrounds of their youths (provided that they, unlike myself, were permitted to experience those playgrounds).

One kid emerges with a ball that none of the other kids have.  One can immediately make out the beginnings of ugly envy simmering in the eyes of the don’t-haves.  Make matters worse, the kid with the ball makes the fatal mistake of flaunting the ball, its prize.  It’s no surprise when war breaks out.  The have-nots do everything possible to overwhelm and crush the putz who had the audacity to flaunt its have.  “If I can’t have it, you can’t have it.  Nah, nah, nah, nah.”


I understand no one wants to puff in the shadows like some kind of nasty villain.  If smokers could just be more responsible, we wouldn’t have to be treated like terrible ogres whose only good purpose is to get overcome and crushed.

Yes, there really is such a thing as a responsible smoker.  As one myself, ever since I started smoking some thirty years ago, I choose not to smoke around children or elderly, before lighting up I ask if it’s okay and expect the answer of “no,” and I never leave a butt on the ground, ever.

When will folks learn?  Yes, freedom and self expression are wonderful.  But there are plenty of petty, narrow-minded, power-driven, wanna be oligarch, control-freaks out there who are all too ready to squash someone else’s freedom, while of course preserving their own freedom.

And while those who can and do kill of another freedom of choice, they will be sure to use the guise of concern for your health.

Which then brings up another major hypocrisy.

There are folks out there who not only secretly don’t want smokers to quit, they actually rely on them to keep on smoking.  For example, Philadelphia just recently passed a two dollar per pack tax.  Per pack!  Two dollars!  And what is it for?  The Philadelphia school system.   So if smokers quit, where does Philly get its dollars for its school from?

Companies who pay out retirement funds/pensions also secretly appreciate smokers to keep smoking.  In fact they’re even more crafty and insidious about it because their hope is for a resultant shorter lifespan which would then work out for them in terms of lowering pension/retirement pay-out costs.   Suits them just fine that smokers smoke, though they’ll never admit to it.

Dealing with blatant hypocrisy is hard and it certainly can inspire flaunting a hard-earned freedom in the face of bull-crap.  There’s a certain, albeit perhaps twisted, joy to be able to have such a freedom of choice.   But, same as any other freedom, freedom to choose has to be treated with care, cherished and protected if it is going to survive.


Take care out there, All

Cap’n Toni….


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