Marginalization, Pitbulls, Survivors, Empathy

I remember when I was a small child, maybe five or six years old, one very early morning, I was standing outside, alone, grieving to God.  I remember yelling at God, tears running down my face, demanding an answer:  “Why?!  Of all the beautiful animals of this world, did You make me human?!”

I wasn’t able to understand the human animal in its larger sense, as a species.  Now, as I’m nearing fifty years old, I still don’t understand.  

This past week some cold, wretched, broken human animal committed assault and murder on an innocent life.  A living being who just so happened to be one of the/our Dog Kin and a Pitbull.  This precious Dog Kin had no understanding as to what was going on and even rolled on her back to offer her submission.  The assaulter stabbed her four times and killed her.  A precious, sentient, loving, trusting, intelligent, giving, living being, gone.

This sort of senselessness is part of what I will never be able to understand about the human animal.  

News reports come in daily of humans harming each other, harming non-human animals, harming the Earth and the environment that supports their very lives.

The only logic I can come up with is that some human animals that commit particularly horrible acts of harm are irreparably broken.

Human animals that hurt other human animals and non-human animals out of some kind of pathological, demented state need to be culled from the herd for the sake and safety of every living being.

If we can justify euthanizing Animal Kin when they have “gone mad,” then the same should be for the human animal.  I don’t support the death sentence as a “penalty,” but as a last desperate option to prevent further devastating harm.

I’ve noticed that many who stand on the side of and with our Pitbulls/Pibbles are people who can relate on very personal levels to being prejudiced against, to society’s leveraging to marginalize them, make them unimportant, small, insignificant, useless, worthless.

Typically prejudice is born from fear and ignorance, coming from a place of frailty and terrible insecurity. This translates then to an inability to accept anything different from the tiny bits of reality they covet in  fragile boxes that is their terrified mind.

Prejudice is become the enemy against harmony and peace.

It is a most difficult thing, to live the life of the human animal, to be a part of the “human condition.”  

The oppositions between and within constructive and destructive acts is wild and nauseatingly dizzying.  What keeps the human animal from going completely mad en masse?  I do not know.

Yet I accept that Divinity has a purpose in all things, even those things wretchedly hurtful.

If the human animal did not itself directly experience and struggle against harms, would it still be able to act constructively, passionately on behalf of others who are subjected to harm but have no power to defend themselves against the hurts put upon them?

Does the human animal species need tragedy and pain as part of its condition of being?  

I don’t know but it does appear that way.

Take care out there, All…

Cap’n Toni…


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