What is a blog? Hmm.
September 1st 2014

I’ve heard about WordPress for a number of years now and contemplated starting up a blog of my own.  

I had a blog once on MySpace years back (I was known there as ToniAyniaNightFish, in case there’s someone out here who remembers).  Then MySpace went through a massive revamp (to keep up with current major venues like Facebook) and all the blogs of course got destructed into the ethers somewhere.

But, so what is a blog?  A sharing of thoughts, opinions, ponderings that is updated now and then; basically, an electronic journal of life and the living of it.

Actually, blogs are a part of the history of the internet. The internet began back in the 1950’s when some information-hungry folk decided to create a way where they could transmit scientific and other data more quickly than by the regular mail post, and less costly as well especially with very large collections of data.

Transmission of that data was a series of specialized noises from one computer through a telephone line or satellite to another computer somewhere far away.

In the sense of communicating ideas however, the concept of the internet actually is a timeless one tracing back millennia to any kind of communication between two beings.

Because the data stream of today is so vast, I highly doubt this blog will fetch many readers’ attention out here.  So I’ll do what most bloggers have to do these days: invite readers.  

Taking into consideration the enormity of the internet today and the likelihood of being essentially hidden in the wash of data endlessly zipping about, might give a sense of freedom to share just any old thought, written in any old way.  

Except that’s not the way it tends to work.  Probably an aspect of this culture or just part of the human condition causes a wondering if there is someone out there reading one’s writings.  Hm.

True, most folks today will read the first paragraph if it’s short and then move on; attention span is almost alarmingly short these days.  Today’s commercial publishers have come to understand that one has about thirteen seconds to grab most any reader’s attention.  Thirteen seconds, that’s it.

Given all this, I ask then myself, ‘What should my blog be?  And why should I do it?’  Answer:  I have no idea.  

That said and funnily enough, the writer in my mind has all kinds of thoughts all jostling to be the first one to be written out.  I keep asking my mind, “Who would give a crap about anything I write?  And if anyone did, why would they?”

Well, I guess time will tell.

In the meantime, take care out there, All,

p.s.  Oh, as WordPress’  “comments” feature is turned on by default, just to let you know the following types of comments get deleted without comment:  vapid negativity for it’s own sake, abusive “shock value” language, talk that supports and/or encourages abuse, harm or anything of an illegal nature, suggestions of any kind of sexual or violent nature, and any commercial content that I have not posted myself (if you have a product or service, talk with me first, maybe I’ll blog/post about it).


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